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WHAT IS RG 2023?

RouleGENIUS 2023 is the most INNOVATIVE Roulette Strategy which analyzes your specific Roulette Algorithm and gives Winning Predictions.

If you follow our instructions, we guarantee NO MORE than 3 losses in a row (VIP Pack).


The RouleGENIUS 2023 works by analyzing historical data and identifying patterns that are likely to repeat in future spins. Using a Complex Algorithm and the Artificial Intelligence, the program can make highly accurate predictions on where the ball will land, giving players a significant edge over the casino.

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What devices does RG 2023 work on?

RouleGENIUS  Roulette Predictor can be used on all devices: mobile, tablet, iPad, laptop, PC, and Tower PC. More, it works on ALL Operative Systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux).
There exists a WebApp that allows using the software directly into your browser without downloading anything: GO TO WEB APP

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The RouleGENIUS Predictor was tested and works perfectly on the most common well-known casinos and gambling platforms. 

Most Common Features:


Winning Rate Percentage

The winning rate is a percentage that indicates the chance of winning and NOT getting more than 3/4 losses in a row (different value for each package). 


100% Refund Policy

Each package includes a period of time (from 1 up to 30 days) within which you can request 100% money back in case the software predictor is not working. 

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Access Devices & Systems

Each license is activated ONLY for 1 person (buyer) and works on all operative systems (Windows, Apple, Android) and as many devices as included in your specific package.

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Create Own Databases

By default, there are uploaded over 1000 different databases. If you can’t find your specific Roulette through them, you can create and upload your own database (check tutorials). 


25 Secrets to WIN

The 25 secrets is a list of instructions that helps to make a correct use of the software and if you follow all of them – you should increase +50% your daily profits. 


Autobet Function

This function allows you to cover over 15 single numbers within 1-2 seconds. It works on Windows and Mac devices. It’s very useful, especially on LIVE Roulette. 


High IQ Bot Adviser

It’s an automatic bot that gives advices during every single spin. It make use of 25 secrets to WIN and advice if you have to bet, skip, increase bet, leave roulette etc. 

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AI Database

The Artificial Intelligence database is an auto-generated list (implemented based on the OpenAI algorithm) that studies your specific roulette through the last 10 outcoming results.  


VIP Database

It’s a database based on your specific Casino Brand (not platform). To activate it – you have to provide the URL of the casino where you play and roulette name. It allows to reach the highest accuracy predictions. 


VIP Genius Strategy

It’s a strategy that gives hot single numbers predictions for the roulette you choose as VIP Database. It tracks not only the order of numbers but also the specific algorithm behind of the roulette you play on.


Personal Strategy

RouleGENIUS offers 5 strategies, but if none of them satisfy your needs – you can request a personal strategy to be implemented exclusively for you. The request will be satisfied only if the strategy is profitable.


Remote Session

In order to be sure about the correct use of the software,  the client can request 1 remote session through Team Viewer which allows our agent to see the VIP client screen and give support (suggestions).

Ranker.com and Newsbreak.com Wrote about us...

RG 2023 Won the Prize as the Best Roulette Strategy

A competition was organized by Ranker.com to crown the best roulette prediction provider, aiming to help players win at roulette consistently. After a series of intense evaluations, RouleGENIUS Roulette Predictor emerged as the undisputed winner.

RG 2023: The Revolutionary Roulette Predictor

Players from all over the world are testifying to their impressive winnings and newfound love for the game, thanks to this remarkable tool. The popularity of RouleGENIUS has grown exponentially, and it's showing no signs of slowing down.

A Roulette Strategy Takes the Gambling World by Storm

The latest sensation to hit the world of roulette is the RouleGENIUS 2023. With its advanced algorithms, this revolutionary software is changing the way players approach roulette and increasing their odds of success.


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