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Check if casino roulette has money

Check if casino roulette has money

#06 Lesson: How to CHECK if the casino roulette has money?

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As we revealed during the last lessons, the roulette has a POCKET and you can NOT win as much as you want, you can win as much money as existing into the roulette pocket because the roulette is NOT casual (proved into Lesson 02) and ANY WINNING you get DERIVES from other players losses (Lesson 04), not from the casino.

Now, what before you joined the roulette, someone else got a big winning and left the roulette POCKET without money?

In that case, even if you are a NEW PLAYER (just joined roulette, check details on Lesson #05) and you cover about 30/37 numbers, you are going to GET A LOSE ANYWAY because Roulette has NO money (into POCKET) to pay you.

So, that means, first to start any session you HAVE TO CHECK if roulette has MONEY into pocket, otherwise you’re going to LOSE all you bankroll.

Most probably your question is HOW CAN I CHECK if roulette has money? RouleGENIUS Team found out 3 methods to check that: 2 of them are revealed into the 25 secrets to WIN at roulette and the third one we are going to reveal RIGHT NOW, in this FREE Course.

Roulette Method REVEALED:

Method: Once you join the roulette, focus on the first 2 spins. Use any strategy want (for example you can use RouleGENIUS Software predictions), but if during the first spin you get a LOSE, then make the second bet with a stake HIGHER than the one you lost during the first spin.

If you get LOSE again,  then just LEAVE ROULETTE and be back later hoping that during the next 1-3 hours someone else will join the roulette and will get losses (when you will come back you will win the money that other players lost). So you need ONLY 2 spins to check if roulette has money, without spending lot of time or losing all your budget.

Are you confused? Let see an EXAMPLE together!

Let see an example for checking casino roulette money:

Suppose you join the roulette and want to play on single numbers given by RouleGENIUS software predictor. Suppose also that you bet $0.25 on 16 single numbers (total bet $4) and get a LOSE.

Now, into the roulette pocket are AT LEAST $4 (the one you lost). During the SECOND spin, you have to make a bet HIGHER than the one you did (more than $4), so you can bet on 17 single numbers (total bet $4.25). If you get a lose again, LEAVE roulette and be back later, if you get a Win – continue playing.

This is a very powerful SECRET because if you understand how exactly it works, you can play at roulette until you don’t WIN all the money are into the pocket, and then you need

ONLY 2 SPINS to check that roulette will NOT le you win anymore (so you can LEAVE roulette without losing all your money).

IMPORTANT:  Remember that there are 2 ways of WINNING at roulette: by getting a WIN during a certain spin or by SKIPPING a losing spin (if you don’t bet – you SAVE the money you didn’t bet). So by leaving the roulette AT THE RIGHT MOMENT you are WINNING the money you do NOT spend on betting.

If this method is not clear to you or you need 2 EXTRA methods to detect if roulette has money, get access to 25 secrets to WIN at roulette by purchasing a RouleGENIUS Package.

Roulette #06 Lesson Summary:

You can NOT win at roulette as much as you want, but as much money as EXIST into the roulette pocket once you joined it
Use the method “2 SPINS” to check if roulette has money (can be used also during the session)

During the #07 Lesson, we will REVEAL the last tricks that definitely will change your INCOME every time you join and play at roulette.

LESSON 7: Final Conclusions to WIN at roulette

Control yourself and you will control your roulette income!

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