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#1 How to download RouleGENIUS?

#1 How to download RouleGENIUS?

RouleGENIUS | Innovative Roulette Predictor ( NO Download needed)

RouleGENIUS Roulette Software is one of the best roulette predictors for winning at roulette. The software guarantees no more than 4 losses in a row and it was titled as “the best 2020 predictor“, because it is an innovative roulette Web App. In this video we’re going to show you how to download RouleGENIUS and how to access any version (mobile, tablet, pc, laptop), because the software is Universal, so you can use it from ANY DEVICE! But, that is not all, because the software can be accessed also from any System: android, apple, mac, windows, Linux etc.

The roulette software has a LIVE Version, which means you do NOT have to download anything for using it. Anyway, if you insist on downloading the software on your PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile, you can do that (we’ve mobile app, windows application, and Online version for MAC and Apple(iPhone) devices).

To download software – go to our official page and search for the download section. Click on the button and an automatic download will start. In alternative – you can see download buttons directly into the software window, on the left side. By clicking on them – an automatic download will start.

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RouleGENIUS – it’s time to beat the roulette!

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Features: #2 What is LIVE Version of RouleGENIUS Predictor?

Features: #3 How to use RouleGENIUS on Mobile, Tablet and PC Version?

Features: #4 What is the procedure of playing with RouleGENIUS Predictor?

Features: #5 What are RouleGENIUS Layout Features?

Features: #6 What is the statistical panel of RouleGENIUS?

Features: #7 CLEAR and RESET Button in RouleGENIUS Software

Features: #8 What is RouleGENIUS Percentage of Winning?

Features: #9 How to Record Roulette Session using RouleGENIUS?

Features: #10 LOGIN Details (track if someone uses your license)

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RouleGENIUS – one step closer to WIN at roulette!

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