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FREE Trial

3 DAYS FREE Trial to check out RouleGENIUS Software

RouleGENIUS Offers you 3 DAYS FREE Trial to check out our software predictions and see on your own how amazing our software is. This is a great opportunity to convince yourself that RouleGENIUS Roulette Predictor is the most powerful tool you can find on the web.

In order to ensure that you will use the software correctly and will have profit during the FREE Trial, we disabled any kind of configuration and pre-activated our software for 1 specific casino, the most used by our clients, so in this way, you will get the highest percentage of winning.

IMPORTANT: Please follow our instructions if you want to have profit during the Free Trial.


1. Register on 1WIN Casino.

Link to register:


The casino on which our software works better is 1Win Casino, so you have to register on it using promo code ROULEGENIUS. In this way – you will get 500% bonus on your first deposit.

2. Contact us through email.

Send an Email to and provide your Registrant Email or Phone Number (the one you used for registering on 1Win Casino). 

3. We will send through Credentials for 3 DAYS FREE Trial.

Once we receive your email, in about 2-3 hours we will reply to it with details about your FREE Trial credentials and also, you will get 5 Secrets to WIN at roulette totally for FREE. These secrets will help you to increase your income during the 3 days of the Trial. 

Why did we choose 1WIN Casino?

It wasn’t easy to find a specific casino on which to let all visitors play during the trial because most casinos are targeted to a specific country. So we had to find a UNIVERSAL Casino, but also which has a variety of games and is popular in the world (as we explained into our “25 secrets to WIN” at roulette – you need to play on famous casinos where are different people). 

5 main reasons why we choose 1Win Casino:
1. Universal Casino – allows registrations from 30+ countries all other the world.It is considered one of the most popular casinos in Europe and Asia.
2. The registration procedure is really fast (requiring only a phone number or an Email to check if you’re 18+).  
3. It has a large variety of roulette (about 10+ Live roulette tables and 15+ RNG roulettes)
4. It has a lot of users playing daily at roulette, so the percentage of winning is higher than on other casinos. 
5. It is safe ( HTTPS Certificate), is multilingual  (18+ languages), and has great welcome bonus promotions. 

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