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How to win real money at roulette?

How to win real money at roulette?

#04 Lesson: How much you can win at roulette?

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Most of you join the roulette without having a FIXED GOAL that wants to reach: you just want to “win money”, but how much? If you win $50 is that enough? If you win $100 is that enough?

IMPORTANT: If you do NOT have a limit, you will continue playing until you will lose ALL YOUR MONEY!

But you can’t just say “I want to win $1000”, you should fix as GOAL a realistic value, the one that roulette ALLOWS you to win. That is why it is very important to know HOW MUCH you can win at roulette because if you reach that limit you will have to LEAVE the roulette, otherwise, you will play continuously, and sooner or later you will lose ALL your money.

Tricks and more details about WHEN IS THE RIGHT moment to leave the roulette we reveal into our 25 secrets to WIN at roulette (written by RouleGENIUS Team, link into the description).

How much you can win at roulette

Now, most probably you think that it is IMPOSSIBLE to find out “how much you can win at roulette”, but that is NOT true and actually you already know the answer but don’t realize it yet.

Into the lesson #03 I explained to you that if you get a winning at roulette – that winning is paid by OTHER PLAYERS, and not by the casino.

Now, if I ask you again “how much you can win at roulette?” you should know the answer: you can win as much as other players lose!

 It is PARTIALLY true because you have to exclude the Casino HOUSE EDGE (we talked about into lesson #02). So you can WIN as much money as other players bet at roulette (excluding the amount taken by the casino as house edge).

To understand better this concept you have to imagine and UNDERSTAND the next example.


Imagine that the roulette has a POCKET. The roulette players that make bets – put money into the roulette pocket, the players that get winnings – are taking money from the pocket.

If at a specific time of the day there are 5 players playing at roulette and each of them make a bet of $20 on a color, then into the pocket will be 5 x $20 = $100 and the potential winning for each player will be $40 (red/black pays 2x).

Now, the CASINO is ALWAYS the FIRST one that is taking money from the pocket: it is taking as much as is the house edge (10-20%). Suppose it’s 15%, so it takes $15 (15% of $100).  Into the pocket rest $85. These $85 is the maximum amount that ROULETTE can pay to players, so this value is shared between players.

Who is the second to take roulette money?

Most probably, now your question is: who is the SECOND to take money from the pocket (after the casino) or, better, which of the 5 players are preferred to be selected as WINNERS and which of them as LOSERS?

The roulette doesn’t have money to pay set 5 players as Winners (by setting them as winners the roulette has to pay $40 to each of them, a total of $200, but into the pocket the roulette has only $85). So, who of 5 players will be winners if all of them made A BET ON A COLOR?

ANSWER: maximum 2 of the 5 players will be WINNERS:

$40 x 2 = $80  (the roulette has $85)

Interesting fact:

  1. If all 5 players bet on the same color, for example on RED, then all of them will be losers, so there will come out a BLACK number (because the roulette doesn’t have money to pay all of them).
  2. In case 3 of them bet on RED and 2 on BLACK, then will come out a BLACK number.
  3. If one bet on RED and 4 of them bet on BLACK, the winner
    the number will be a RED one.

If the example with the POCKET seems ridiculous to you, then I can prove that it is TRUE: think about the MARTINGALE system (double the bet in case of losing), why does it ALWAYS FAIL? The truth is that roulette does not have ENOUGH money into the pocket to pay you for that, because every time you double the bet, you request MUCH more than the roulette has.

Let see an example together:

Suppose into the Roulette POCKET are $30.

  • If you bet $50 on red or black, you get a LOSE (because for getting a WIN into the pocket should be at least $50).
  • In case you DOUBLE (martingale system) and bet $100, you will LOSE again (because now into the  pocket are $30+$50=$80    <   $100
  • If you DOUBLE, again and again, you will get LOSE and LOSE, because into the roulette POCKET will CONTINUE to be LESS money than you are betting, so the roulette will NOT be able to pay you a WIN.

Lesson #04 Summary:

If you have no GOAL to reach first to start a roulette session, you will lose all your money.
The casino is the FIRST ONE that gets profit during every session
You can WIN as much money as exist into the roulette POCKET (players bets)!

But, if there are more eligible players to be winners, the roulette will NOT set all of them as winners. So, what is the main principle that governance the ROULETTE ALGORITHM to set a winner?

We will reveal that into LESSON #05: Who are the WINNERS at roulette?

If you lose at roulette it’s not because you are stupid, but because you are misinformed!

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