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Most exclusive and frequently asked questions about online roulette:

RouleGENIUS Assistance is getting daily hundreds of questions through email and live chat. So in order to reduce the number of emails about online roulette – please give a look at the FAQ below.

N.B.: FAQ means the most frequently asked questions.


The next questions are the most common we get daily from new visitors or clients. By reading them you will get a clearer view of configuration and how to use our software.

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NOTE: If you find it difficult to understand the questions below, you can give a look at our 30+ video tutorials. In video tutorials, we teach how to use correctly our software and how to configure it. if you need further help – don’t hesitate to contact our assistance. We offer online LIVE chat assistance and Email assistance.


FAQ About Software

RouleGENIUS is a Roulette Software Predictor that gives predictions about next winning number at roulette. You click on last occurred number and software will show you which will be the next winning number!
RouleGENIUS is considered the best 2018 roulette software because it predictions are based on 1000+ different databases which we update WEEKLY without any extra fee. So having an weekly updated software means winning continuesly!
Yes, RouleGENIUS guarantee you NO MORE than 4 consecutive losing spins in a row if you set the right configuration (set name and platform of your specific roulette) and apply our 25 secrets to WIN that we leave FOR FREE once you buy a lifetime license.
RouleGENIUS Roulette software predictor gives 94.7% of winning, which means the probability to get more than 4 losses in a row if you apply our 25 secrets to WIN is under 6%! If you get them - you can ask for FULL REFUND!
The procedure of playing is very easy: configurate software, click on last number on the table and then bet on predictions. Remember to ask for predictions after each spin, even if you bet or not.
RouleGENIUS roulette software predictor is an UNIVERSAL software, it is studying each roulette in part, so you're free to play on ANY roulette you want: LIVE, RNG, LAND etc. It is very important to play on licensed casino, otherwise your risk to not be paid.
There doesn't exist a casino better than other for RouleGENIUS, so feel free to play on any casino you want. We advice to paly on a licensed and famous casino in your country. More people play on a specific casino - higher will be your percentage of winning.


The obbligatory settings is NAME and PLATFORM of your specific roulette. These 2 settings are used by software for getting predictions, all others are optional.
When you click to start a roulette you should be able to see it's name (Es. French Roulette, Premium Roulette, PRO roulette). In case you see Premium European Roulette, that means your roulette is a PREMIUM one (first name is the main one).
All licensed casino buy gambling games (roulette, slots, virtual games) from different companies that create them. Platform means NAME OF COMPANY that create the specific roulette you play on (es. playtech, microgaming, netENT). Casinos does not "create" games, they pay fees to specific companies (platforms) for showing gambling games (roulette) on their casino websites.
When you launch a roulette game - during the LOADING time you should see the LOGO of the platform that create that roulette game. In case there NO loading time - means that is NOT a licensed roulette, so we hardly advice you to NOT play on it. Also, some roulette show platform name on betting table. In the last case, you can ask casino assistance what is the platform of their gambling games.
If you have NO experience using ROuleGENIUS and you don't have access to our 25 secrets to WIN - we don't advice to set a fixed number of predictions, but to leave that option from settings panel in BLANK (empty).
Yes, you MUST play in NORMAL Mode with REAL Money. Our software gives predictions basing on databases that we collected in normal mode with real money, so playing in fast more or with fake/fun money - means getting wrong predictions.
No, you're free to play on ANY type of bet you want. Our software gives predictions for ALL types of bet! Pay attention that it doesn't mean you have to bet on ALL of them. We advice to bet only on 1 type of bet (like only colors, only columns/rows or only single numbers) during the session, if you want to change the type of bet - close roulette and open a new session.
You're free to create your own strategy for betting. We have clients who bet only once they see values >65% (skipping the other spins), as well as there are clients who bet every spin and using multiple type of bets. Feel free to apply any strategy you think is most suitable with your specific roulette.


To get a license key for accessing RouleGENIUS roulette software predictor you have to access our official website (, go to BUY NOW section and click on the package license you want. The key can be activated only by our system, so DO NOT try to purchase software from any other website bacause you risk to get NO license!
At the moment we sell One Week, One Month and LIFETIME Package. More details on Buy NOW section.
Once our system get your payment - it automatically send an EMAIL to you with your UNIQUE License key (the same email you typed during the payment process). In case you get no emails after payment, contact our assistance and we will send it again
NO, there are no extra fees. You pay 1 time for the package, and during the period included into your package you have to pay NO EXTRA FEES! The secrets, assistance, updates and refund included into your package - are FREE!
No, we are not scammers, so we don't ask money for updates (usually software sellers make updates monthly and ask extra fees for that). We update our software weekly totally FOR FREE!
Our software guarantee NO MORE than 4 losses in a row. To get refund you've just to proof that software is not working, which means record av ideo that you got more than 4 consecutive losing spins even if you applied our 25 secrets to WIN. More details on our refund terms and conditions page.

Generic FAQ

"25 secrets to WIN" is a list of secrets/tricks that we hardly recommend our clients to apply during roulette session for increasing ther percentage of winning. Into the list you can find details about: when is the right moment to leave roulette, how to find and skip losing spins, how much to bet, what is the best type of bet, how long to play for, when is the right moment of the day to play, which casino and roulette to play on, how often to play, how much to deposit and bet etc. All these information will help you increase amazingly your winnings.
If you set the wrong configuration or not apply our 25 secrets to WIN - of course, you can get more than 4 losses in a row. In case you get them - please stop playing and try to fix out what are you doing wrong: check configuration and our 25 secrets to WIN. If you can't fix - contact our assistance for help.
If a roulette is licensed that means it has a license, so there exist a REAL company that created that roulette. In this case - you should see a REAL platform (during loading time) like Playtech, NetENT, Microgaming etc. If there NO platforms - most probably the roulette is a fake one and in that case it is NOT safe to play on.
For an expert - is enough to check for anomalous resuts on statistics panel or check ball spinning on the wheel. If you are NOT an expert, then we reveal into our 25 secrets to WIN an amazing and easy solution how to detect if roulette has money, and these tricks can be applied by any beginner.
To do that you've to apply secret number 22 from the list of "25 secrets to WIN". Unfortunately it can't be revealed to visitators that doesn't have a purchased license, this information is restricted only for clients.
No, it doesn't, but everytime you click on a SPIN button - it in less than 1 second calculate the winning number (basing on your bets and other people bets in case you're playing LIVE roulette). That's why if you put a bet - you decide unwittingly the winning number.

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