How does casino roulette work?

#01 Lesson: How does the casino roulette work?

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All roulette players join the roulette with a unique purpose: guess the winning number! Is this possible? To find that out we need to study the roulette and understand how exactly does it calculate the winning number during each spin so that we can PREDICT IT (not anymore guess).

An old proverb said:
Study your Enemy if you want to WIN the war against him. 

How does the Online Casino Roulette work?

All the ONLINE roulette are GAMES, so that means they have a SPECIFIC algorithm that lets them runs. An algorithm is nothing else that a LIST OF RULES that the Roulette has to execute. So, if we want to detect which will be the next winning number at roulette à we need to understand what rules or code is the roulette executing.

By studying different roulette games my team found out that into the roulette algorithm is NOT written: “get a random number” (from 0 to 36), but are written DIFFERENT RULES for detecting the winning number.

That means the Roulette Does NOT give you 100% RANDOM numbers (we will prove that into Lesson #02: Does the casino CONTROL the winnings at gambling games?). In other words, the winning numbers are CHOSEN by the roulette following some specific CRITERIA (rules), so it is partially random (what kind of criteria we will explain through different examples during the next lessons).

For the moment, you have to concretize that your purpose by following this FREE Course is to UNDERSTAND CORRECTLY which criteria (rules) the roulette is executing.

Then, once you know the CRITERIA, Winning at Roulette will be VERY SIMPLE, because you will know HOW the roulette DETECT the winning number, you will know which ASPECTS are taken in consideration by the roulette algorithm for choosing the winning number!

IMPORTANT: You can NOT detect the next winning number which will come out at roulette, but you CAN detect some CRITERIA about it.

I will give you an example to let you understand the meaning of “criteria”.


Suppose you’re playing at a European roulette and I tell you: one of the CRITERIA about next winning number is that it will be a RED number.

Now you will not bet on all 36 numbers, but only on the 18 of them which are RED numbers.

If I also tell you:

  • The second CRITERIA is that number is also an ODD number.

From all the red numbers you will bet only on the one which is ODD (1, 3, 5, 7 etc)

Now, if I tell you:

  • The third CRITERIA is that winning number belongs to DOZEN 1 (from 1 to 12)

You will cover only 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

You don’t know exactly if the winning number will be 1 or 5 or 9, but you know some CRITERIA (details) about it, so you can REDUCE the number of bets and ensure yourself about getting a WINNING by covering few numbers (or type of bets).

N.B.: This is just an example to explain the meaning of “CRITERIA” word.

Lesson one, Summary:

➤ The Online Casino Roulette is a game, so it is having an ALGORITHM (list of rules that must execute)

➤ You must focus on understanding which CRITERIA (rules) are executing by the roulette algorithm.

 But first to reveal you what are these CRITERIA consisted of (lesson 4, 5, and 6) you need to know:

#02 Lesson: Does casino control the winnings at gambling games?

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