How to Configure RouleGENIUS 2023 Roulette Predictor

In this article, we will give an overview of the RouleGENIUS 2023 CONFIGURATION Panel and will try to understand HOW you should configure RouleGENIUS 2023 Roulette Predictor in order to have the highest profit using this innovative software. We also will explain what every single feature does.

How to Configure RouleGENIUS 2023 Roulette Strategy?

roulegenius configuraiton 2 parts

The predictions of RouleGENIUS WebApp are based on 2 important pillars:

  1. Studying Algorithm (the database file used for analyzing and calculating predictions) and
  2. the Roulette Strategy (the way how the software predictor will define the statistics and show you the predictions)

As you can notice from the Configuration panel on the left (screenshot from the RouleGENIUS 2023 Version), a successful configuration means not only setting the studying algorithm (1) but also defining the right Roulette STRATEGY (2) for your specific roulette.

Just to give an abstract idea: the database is like a list of ingredients you need for cooking a specific dish, and the strategy is the instructions for preparing it. If you don’t apply the instructions (strategy) and just mix the ingredients, you can’t reach a tasty meal. But let’s go deeper and understand the real concept of Database and Strategy.


  • What is a Database?

A RouleGENIUS Database is a list of numbers that came out at roulette during various spins. The list is not random, but it keeps the information about the ORDER and how exactly each number came out, and through it, RouleGENIUS studies the algorithm of your specific roulette.

  • What is a Strategy?

The strategy is the method that RouleGENIUS should apply for getting the specific predictions you require.  For example, If you want to bet on red and black, then RouleGENIUS need to track the colors of each number from the database, if you want to bet on dozens and rows, then RouleGENIUS need to focus on the position of each number: what row and dozen every single number belong to.)

Now, once you know what a database and a Strategy are, let’s see the RouleGENIUS Configuration window and understand how it works.

To open the configuration panel – you need to click on SETTINGS from the Top Menu.

 As you can see, the configuration is split into 2 parts: the 1st one allows you to choose the Algorithm (Database), and the second one requires one to select a Strategy. Please note that if you do NOT select a Strategy (and define only a database) – the software will NOT give any prediction and ask you to CONFIGURE the software.   

1. Configure RouleGENIUS: Studying Algorithm

database types roulegenius

Now let’s speak about Database options: RouleGENIUS offers 3 different options for setting up a database. You can choose through:

  1. RouleGENIUS Database
  2. Own Database
  3. Vip Database

1. RouleGENIUS Database: this option is the most generical one which requires you to define your specific roulette based on its NAME and its PLATFORM. The name is easy to find out – you see it before launching the roulette game. The Platform, instead, is the name of the company that created that specific roulette ( like Playtech, Entertainment, Net|Ent). It is NOT the casino brand where you play.

To let you understand better the difference: the casino is like a Market, and it buys games from licensed Platform Companies (like farmers) to offer them on their websites to players (consumers). In fact, when you just launch a roulette game (the product), you should be able to see during the loading time the name/logo of the Platform Company (who created that product).

IMPORTANT: if there doesn’t exist a loading time for your roulette or it doesn’t have a “Platform” – most probably that Roulette Game is NOT licensed, and we hardly advise NOT to play on it!

2. Own Database: In case you can NOT find your specific roulette through the given RouleGENIUS Database, you can upload your Own Database. The procedure is very simple:

  1. Create your Own database.
  2. Upload the database
  3. Enjoy the predictions

To configure Roulegenius using your own database, you need firstly to create it. To create your own database you just need to collect manually about 600-800 numbers that came out at your specific roulette. There is very important the ORDER of the Numbers and how you write them down.

roulette software statistics

Create a TXT file, and start collecting every single number that comes out at your specific roulette, by writing it in a column without any extra characters like commas or dots. Like this:
There is very important the order of numbers.

Please note, the latest number that came out at roulette is at the end of the list, so the older number collected is the first of the list.  So the last 3 numbers that came out were 10 black, then 33 black, and then 12 red. You need to proceed up to about 800 numbers.

Once your database is ready you finally can configure RouleGENIUS using it. Open Configuration Panel, choose Algorithm Database “OWN Database”, and click on Choose button. Once you selected from your device your own database, click on Upload Button. The software will inform you if it was uploaded successfully (if you get any error then it means you created the wrong database, so contact assistance for support).

By clicking on any number – the software will show predictions as blue rectangles. I remember that the darker the blue color, the higher the percentage of winning.

At the end of the roulette session, remember to save the list (on the Windows app the database is updating automatically): to do that, you need to open the configuration panel and click the SAVE button (function available for WebApp). The new list includes the numbers you clicked during the session, so rename it and use the new database during your next session.

These “regeneration properties” of the RouleGENIUS Predictor allow you to keep your database list FRESH after every single session.

3. VIP Database:  The VIP database is the most accurate and high-profitable database because the configuration is not made anymore based on the name of your roulette and the Platform (as we’ve seen in the first option) – but based on your specific Casino Brand (where you play). This is a Personalized Solution that allows you to give RouleGENIUS Predictor 100% information about your specific roulette, so the results of your profit and income will increase definitely (if you apply the 25 secrets, you can reach up to 95% of Win).

Please note that VIP Database is allowed only to VIP Clients with a valid VIP package. Every single VIP account has a unique configuration, so by taking 2 different VIP accounts there will be different options for configuring the VIP section.

When you buy a VIP account, you will be asked to provide up to 3 different roulettes names and casino brand websites. The RouleGENIUS team will study the algorithm of the 3 roulettes you provided and will upload into your specific VIP account the needed information to let RouleGENIUS Predictor read clearly the algorithm of your specific roulette. You can change any of these 3 roulette options at any time by contacting the RouleGENIUS Support team.

Once your account is enabled with your VIP database, to configure RouleGENIUS using any of your chosen roulette – you should just select them. This is the easiest way to configure RouleGENIUS since all the ward work has already been done by RouleGENIUS team (who implemented details about your specific roulette in your VIP account).

2. Configure RouleGENIUS 2023 Roulette Strategies

Now, once you got a clear view of database options, let’s switch to the Strategies. There are 5 default Strategies you can choose from, and also, as you can observe, there exist the option to define a Personalized Strategy. So, if you have in mind a specific strategy – you can contact the assistant and require it to be implemented. So let’s start with the most common and used strategy:

XX Hot Numbers Predictions strategy, where XX =___ is the number of hot predictions you want that software shows you. This strategy shows predictions for SINGLE NUMBERS, so the RouleGENIUS Predictor will study the database you choose supposing that you’re going to bet ONLY on single numbers.

Let’s make an example: suppose we choose 10 as the number of predictions. If now click on getting predictions, you will see only 10 hot predictions to bet on (I remember – the hot numbers are evidenced by blue rectangles). Please note, there are also other numbers as hot (you can recognize them based on the occurrence value in the corner), but since you decide to bet only on 10 – the software is showing the hottest 10 predictions it calculated.

NOTE: These 10 hottest predictions are also shown on the Wheel Predictor, so you can find out what are the hottest areas where usually the ball ends after a specific number.

In case you want to see ALL the hot numbers that RouleGENIUS find out – then you should leave EMTPY the space next to XX =___ (no value). So by removing the default value of 18, you can observe – all hot numbers are visible.

Rows & Dozens Strategy: this option inform RouleGENIUS that you want to bet only on rows and dozens, so the predictor will study the position of the hottest numbers based on their position on the table and will study which column and dozen they belong to. The software will show the results as a percentage of winning, and the higher one will be evidenced through a blue rectangle.

Outside Bets Strategy: this strategy shows predictions for red and black, even and odd, low and high. Similar to the previous strategy, the RouleGENIUS predictor studies the color and the type of numbers and shows the percentage of winning. I remember that RouleGENIUS is an innovative 2023 Solution, in fact – predictions are shown in less than a second, even if the software makes thousands of calculations.

Neighbors & Finales: this strategy shows predictions on single numbers, but the way how the RouleGENIUS define them is different. The software studies firstly the hottest numbers and for each of them, analyzes the neighbors on the roulette wheel and the finales. If there are multiple matches, the RouleGENIUS consider that number as a prediction.

Let’s give an example: let’s suppose that you need predictions for 33 black. RouleGENIUS study the hottest numbers for 33. Now, let’s suppose that it finds out that 26 is a hot number. Firstly, it analyses the finales of 26 black: it’s 6 black, 16 red, and 36 red. Then, it analyses the neighbors on the wheel of the hot number – 26 black: it’s 3 red and 0 green. In the end, it checks if any of all these numbers (6, 15, 36, 3, and 0) was previously a hot number of 33, if yes – then the number is considered a potential winning number. This procedure is repeated for every single hot number.  

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