#5 Regeneration Roulette Properties

#5 Automatic Regeneration Roulette Properties | RouleGENIUS Predictor

RouleGENIUS – the best roulette predictor ever has a lot of interesting features inside, but one of the most amazing roulette properties it has is that it can automatically regenerate your database list, so you needn’t rewrite it, just to remember to save it at the end of each session you make (the concept is basing on the automatic regeneration roulette properties that RouleGENIUS has). Watch the video below to understand better the concept:

VIDEO: To understand better how it works let’s upload a database list, for example, the European roulette with the Red Tiger platform. As you can see I’ve uploaded 600 numbers as a database into the software. First to save this database, let’s make some spins and then try to compare the two databases. So save the configuration and let type in some numbers to get predictions.

Suppose that the first number that comes out is 4 black, then comes out 28 black, and in the end, there is 18 red. Remember these three numbers, and let’s suppose that we end the roulette session, so now we have to save the database list.

To do that click on the save button and an automatic download will start. It is in the download folder, and the one I’ve uploaded into the software is on the desktop. Just to avoid confusion – let’s rename the new database that we’ve just downloaded with 01 and the older one with 00.


Roulette Properties: Difference between old and new roulette database

Now let’s open both of them and try to see if there is any difference. On the right is the NEW database, and on the left is the OLD one. Let’s go to the bottom of the database, where the latest numbers occur.

As you can observe, the database on the right coincides with the older database but has 3 more numbers. These numbers are not casual, are the same numbers we clicked during the roulette session: 4 black, 28 black, and 18 red.


In other words – RouleGENIUS automatically added them to the database, but this is not all. If we try to go at beginning of the each of the two database lists, you can observe that RouleGENIUS also deleted the oldest three numbers from the database, so in this way, you’re keeping the same amount of numbers as a database, and they are always regenerated and updated, without doing anything, it’s an automatic process.

Remember, the RouleGENIUS Regeneration roulette properties help to keep your database continuously updated. In this way, you will get fresh and high-powerful predictions every time you join the roulette.

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