Casino payout for roulette winnings

#03 Lesson: The Casino does NOT pay for your Winnings! Fake Casino Payout!

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In lesson #02 we proved that 98% of ONLINE casinos are tricked because the casino controls all their gambling game percentage of winning with the purpose to ensure themself of getting a specific profit (House Edge) from the players.

Now, the next question is: if the casino does NOT invest money – who actually pays you once you make a bet and get a WIN?

You may think that it is the casino the one who pays your winnings because when you make a withdraw you are paid by the casino, but that is NOT TRUE!

You get the payment SENT to your PayPal account or bank account by the casino brand, but the PERSON who SPENDS that money is NOT the casino (you are NOT paid from the casino pockets), there is someone else that pay all the winnings that players have at roulette and, generally, on any gambling game.

The Roulette Scheme about the Fake Casino Payout

The scheme is next: someone pays to the casino, and the casino sends money to you, but who does SPEND money into the casino for paying your winnings?

I think you already deduct the answer because you’re cleverer than you think: the answer is OTHER (Roulette) PLAYERS.

Yes, if you get a certain WIN at roulette it is ONLY because someone else got a LOSE, so you don’t win money from the casino brand, you win the money that other players lost.

Example (casino payout):

If you open the roulette and make a bet of $10 on RED and comes out a red number, then you get $10 as NET winning. These $10 are money that someone else LOST by betting on BLACK during the same spin you made the bet, or maybe he got a LOSE during the previous spin.

In result, any your winning at roulette is paid by someone lose, and if you lose during a specific spin that means someone else gets a WINNING.

All these exchanges between players are CONTROLED through the RULES written into the Roulette Algorithm (the code that let the roulette game run, we talked about during the lesson #01).

Practically, the ROULETTE ALGORITHM does nothing else than interchanging money between players by keeping a certain profit from all people bets (as the casino house edge, we talked about into lesson #02).

This is a VERY IMPORTANT FACT to know because if your winnings depend on other people’s bets and losses, that means you can NOT win during any session!

In other words, not any session you make is a PROFITABLE one, it depends if first that you join the roulette – someone else got losses or, while you’re playing, there is someone else that is getting losses.

If you join the roulette and someone else got a big winning previously, MOST PROBABLY you will get a LOSE, there NO MATTER on what you are going to bet on! 

Keep this fact in your mind!

Lesson #03 Summary:

If you get a win at roulette it’s because someone got a lose.
The casino does NOT invest any cent, so all your winnings are money that other players bet and lost.

During the next lessons we will teach you HOW TO DETECT if you are going to get winnings during a specific session, so proceed with the course.

 LESSON #04: How much you can WIN at roulette?

Into ANY game exists a Winner ONLY  IF there exists also a Loser.

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