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#05 Lesson: Who are the WINNERS at roulette?

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During the previous #04 Lesson we reveal to you that you can win at roulette as much money as other players lose, excluding the casino House Edge (more about into #02 Lesson).

But once at roulette are MORE POTENTIAL WINNERS (all made the SAME bet), how does the roulette DETECT who will be a winning player and who will be a losing one? The roulette makes this CHOICE through a RULE that governance the WHOLE Roulette Algorithm, and about 98% of Online roulettes apply the next RULE: the NEW PLAYER (the one who has just joined the roulette room) will be the WINNER one!

IMPORTANT: NEW PLAYER is the roulette player who did NOT start a roulette session during the last 2-3 hours and joined the roulette for less than 3 minutes.

The concept is simple: the roulette algorithm has the purpose to INVOLVE new players to NOT leave the roulette during the first 3-5 minutes, so give them some winnings, attract them to the game (let them think that they can WIN a lot of money), and then STEAL all their bankroll (balance).

Let’s see an example:

Suppose Player A joins the roulette and then, after 10 minutes, joins Player B. The roulette algorithm considers Player B as NEW PLAYER until he doesn’t reach 3 minutes of playing. Player A, who already has 10 minutes of playing, is an OLD player which is going to get most of the losses!

IMPORTANT: For this reason, RouleGENIUS statistics show that the MORE TIME you play roulette, the LESS percentage of winning you have.

In the beginning, the roulette sees you as a NEW player (and offers some profit), but with the passing of time, you are becoming an OLD player and you start LOSING all your profit.


How to be a NEW Player and one of the winners at roulette

Consider the EXAMPLE of Lesson #04: if you are one of that 5 players (winners at roulette) and have just joined the roulette, you will certainly get a winning (because you will be seen by the roulette as one of the winners at roulette), otherwise, if passed more than 10 minutes since you joined the roulette, you will get a loss.

Seeing that into the pocket was only $85, that means only 2 of 5 players will be Winners at roulette (the 2 players that just joined roulette will get $40 as winning), and the other 3 players will LOSE that bet.

IMPORTANT: If you leave roulette and join instantly (without taking a pause of 1-2 hours), the roulette algorithm will NOT consider you as a NEW Player, you will be seen as an OLD roulette player, so you are going to get LOSES!

I’m totally sure that at least 1 time in your life you observed that quite always you get winning once you have just joined the roulette, during the first 2-3 minutes, and then, after the 10-20 minutes of playing, you lose everything (all your money), isn’t that?

This is VERY PRECIOUS information that may allow you to get DAILY CONSTANT INCOMES if you UNDERSTAND it correctly and let the roulette algorithm see you as a “NEW PLAYER”

IMPORTANT: NOBODY on the web wrote about this trick or shared it TOTALLY FOR FREE, and I’m not paid for doing it! If you find my lessons useful,  please leave some comments during each Lesson in order to MOTIVATE ME to reveal more secrets, and create new videos!

It’s not easy to be through the winners at roulette, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

Lesson #05 Summary:

New players (the last joined at roulette) has a higher % of winning at roulette
More time you play roulette less % of winning you have.

During Lesson #06 How to CHECK if roulette has money, I will REVEAL to you a  METHOD about how you can in ONLY 2 spins DETECT if roulette will give you WINNINGS. Please check LESSON #06: How to Check if roulette has money?

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If you want to WIN at roulette you do NOT have to be an expert, it is enough to have experience: exercise!

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