Win at roulette PROOFS

Win at roulette proofs: on this page, we’re going to publish proofs about our bank/card/PayPal balance account, transactions from casinos (as proof that the money as balance came from casino winnings by playing at roulette), video proofs of winning on ALL types of roulette ( including live roulette and RNG roulette), reviews from clients and much more.

IMPORTANT: In order to check that our screenshots are NOT photoshopped or fake – we published them in FULL SIZE! You are free to check carefully each of them to convince yourself that they are REAL!

Winning $12,600 | LIVE Immersive Roulette | Win at Roulette Proofs


Winning $11,250 at LIVE Immersive Roulette

Transactions Summer 2020 from some famous Casinos

Win at roulette PROOFS

Our Williamhill Balance of 3460,33 EUR

Win at roulette PROOFS
Our Williamhill Balance of 3460,33 EUR

Our PayPal balance some months ago: 13,960,08 EUR

Win at roulette PROOFS

Bet365 Casino: screenshot about actual balance of 6,388.52 EUR

Win at roulette PROOFS

Playing on LIVE Roulette and having 1,800.00 EUR as winning

Win at roulette PROOFS

Some of our Paypal Transactions of 2017

Win at roulette PROOFS

American Roulette | €1.780,00 NET Winning in ONLY 9 min

LIVE Roulette | 80 EUR winning in only 10 minutes

French Roulette | 1,335.00 EUR in ONLY 5 minutes

Roulette Advanced | 966 EUR in ONLY 3 minutes

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Proof at LIVE Roulette
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