Does the casino control the roulette?

#02 Lesson: Does the casino control the roulette game?

#02 LESSON: Does the casino CONTROL the Winnings at Roulette? The first FREE Course in the WORLD for winning at roulette.

As we told in the FIRST lesson: all roulette is a game, so there exists a code (algorithm) BEHIND each roulette that is executing once you launch it and start to play (make bets and spins).

In order to understand which are these rules you HAVE to know HOW the CASINO influence the results of their gambling games and how does casino control the winnings on every game machine they have (including Roulette).

Do you believe that all gambling games, like slot, blackjack, and roulette, are totally RANDOM in ONLINE casinos or the games are somehow controlled by the casino

Casino Control: The truth about ONLINE Gambling Games

The truth is that in 2020, about 98% of ONLINE gambling games are tricked and controlled by the casino.

Don’t believe that? I will testify!

Have you ever heard about House EDGE? What is House EDGE? Definition: The House Edge is a term used to describe the mathematical advantage that the gambling game, and therefore the commercial gambling venue, has over you as you play over time.

In other words, each CASINO must have a PROFIT from you (when you play their games), so that PROFIT is called HOUSE EDGE (the percentage from each game that casino is getting as profit).


Casino Control: Let’s see an example (about casino control):

 If a specific casino has 15% as house edge that means that for every $100 people BET on their gambling games, the casino is getting a profit of $15 (which is 15% of $100).

Please NOTE that it is a question of $100 as a BET AMOUNT, so there NO matter how much roulette players win or lose – the casino is having a profit ANYWAY!

Now, the question is: how can a GAME, for example, the roulette game, ensure the casino receives 15% as House Edge (profit)?

The answer is easy: using the RULES in the algorithm. The Roulette game will CHOOSE (not randomly) a winning number based on PEOPLE’s bets so that it can GUARANTEE to pay the HOUSE Edge (10-15%) to the casino. 

As you can understand, the casino is getting  PROFIT without spending anything (the players pay to the casino unconsciously through the bets they make daily).

Do you really believe that CASINO will RISK to pay you any “casual” winning at roulette? No, it doesn’t, that is why the ROULETTE can NOT be random!

Then, who actually INVEST money for paying in case you are getting any winning at roulette or, generally, on any gambling game?

Into the next roulette lesson:

#03 Lesson: THE TRUTH: casino does NOT pay for your Winnings!

Lesson #02 Summary:
➤ The casino is getting ANYWAY a profit of 10-20% (house edge) even if players win or lose (more people bet, more casino earns)
➤ The casino does NOT invest any cent for paying people winnings (the money –derives from a different source).

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