Roulette tricks to Win at Online Roulette

#07 Lesson: Final Conclusions to WIN at roulette (roulette tricks revealed)

The first FREE Course in the WORLD for winning at roulette. It’s time to make some conclusions for each FREE Lesson of this course, so let’s deduct some roulette tricks that will help increase your income at roulette.

During the last 6 lessons, I revealed to you A LOT of RELEVANT information about roulette. If there was anything unclear, feel free to ask in the comments or write me through Email ( or LIVE Chat on

I remember you that I’m not paid for creating this FREE Course and


 I don’t mind reaching millions of views and getting income from this course, I’m interested that YOU START WINNING at roulette using these powerful roulette tricks!  So if you find my lessons useful – let me know in the comments below (that may motivate me to create new videos or any extra course about roulette).

Now, I’m going to WRITE SOME EXTRA CONCLUSIONS as Roulette Tricks for each of the lessons we did.

Roulette Tricks Revealed

Roulette Tricks Revealed during lesson 1 :

The roulette is a GAME, so it is EXECUTING a specific piece of code and the winning numbers are NOT casual (they are based on some rules).

➤ Never try to RECOVER your losses during the same roulette session on which you got them because you will be NERVOUS and will make CASUAL stakes just to recover losses.

Example: If you lose $100 in one session, don’t try to recover them instantly: LEAVE roulette, take a pause of 1-2 hours, and once you are RELAXED try a NEW session to recover your last losses (you will be seen by the roulette algorithm as a NEW player and will have a HIGHER percentage of winning).

Roulette Tricks Revealed during lesson 2 :

The casino is getting ANYWAY a profit (even if you win or lose) and the casino does NOT invest money for paying people winnings.

Conclusion: If you got losses and want to REVENGE against the casino, the ONLY way to do that is to DELETE the account.

By continue betting at roulette, even if you get hundreds of winnings, you do NOTHING ELSE than giving money to the casino owners.

Casino EARN MONEY during any of your bets, even if it is a loss or a WIN for you. Remember all these roulette tricks during your session and focus on your profit instead of losses.


Roulette Tricks Revealed during lesson 3 :

All your winnings are paid by other players’ losses.

Conclusion: If you want to win at roulette, you should focus on other players’ losses, which means: playing roulette once there are lots of players online (the more they are, the less percentage of losing you will have). That’s why usually I advise the LIVE roulette because you can ENSURE yourself through the LIVE CHAT that you’re not playing alone.

Example: Seeing that for getting a WIN there should be someone that gets a LOSE: if you are 100 roulette players online, most probably you will have MORE OFTEN a WIN than when you’re only 3 online.

Roulette Tricks Revealed during lesson 4:

You can win as much money as exist in the roulette pocket.

Conclusion: First to join the roulette decide HOW MUCH you want to win (fix a goal to reach). Don’t choose a very high value, because if into the Roulette POCKET aren’t enough money, you will not be able to reach your goal and in the end, you will LOSE all your money.

If you can’t reach your GOAL during the first 5-7 minutes, LEAVE roulette and try again LATER!

Not every session is a PROFITABLE one. If you want to transform the roulette income into a CONSTANT DAILY Revenue, you need to focus on ALL these details even if they may seem irrelevant to you.

Roulette Tricks Revealed during lesson 5 :

NEW PLAYERS are the ones with the highest percentage of winning.

More time you play, the LESS percentage of winning you have.

Conclusion: Try always to be a NEW player, so play SHORT sessions (about 5 minutes) and make more sessions during the day (about 3-5 sessions).

IMPORTANT:  Take PAUSE between 2 sessions (at least 1-2 hours). By closing roulette and joining instantly – you are NOT becoming a “new player”.

➤ NEVER play more than 7 minutes (unless you don’t have a specific strategy that requires more time for getting profit).

Roulette Tricks Revealed during lesson 6 :

#06: How to check if the roulette has money using the method “2 spins” and that you can win as much money as exists in the roulette pocket (no more than that!).

Conclusion: Always apply the METHOD “2 spins” and check if roulette has money (not every roulette session is a profitable one, so if the roulette has no money – LEAVE it and be back later).

➤ NEVER use the martingale system because with high stakes it ALWAYS FAILS because roulette does NOT have enough money in the POCKET to pay for your winnings.

➤ NEVER bet all spins. If you want to REDUCE your percentage of losing at roulette then you have to SKIP the spins when you’re not sure about winning or just skip 2-3 spins after EACH WIN you get (the more spins you SKIP higher will be your % of winning).

Lesson #07 about Roulette Tricks:

Try to understand correctly each LESSON and information revealed during this FREE Course. The 7 video lessons have RELATED CONTENT, so you need to watch ALL of them in order to understand the full concept.
It is NOT impossible to win at roulette if you have the Right INFORMATION for doing.

This was the first FREE Course I offered, so please share your thoughts about: if you liked it, if you find it useful or if you just think that I spent my time in vain creating this FREE Course for winning at roulette.

There are many other things you don’t know about roulette and I am ready to share them with you if I knew it’s worth it.

Together we are stronger to BEAT the casino and WIN at roulette!

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