25 secrets How to WIN at roulette

How to win at roulette: 25 secrets to WIN

The Roulette Algorithm is complex and Winning at Roulette in 2023 is NOT properly easy. That’s why the RouleGENIUS team wrote a list of 25 rules and advice that guides you in how to increase your profit and fool the Roulette Algorithm. These rules/advice are called “25 secrets to WIN at Roulette“.

The RouleGENIUS 2023 Roulette Strategy helps you to start winning and having a profit at roulette. The given predictions are profitable (and you can win easily) ONLY if there are followed some specific Rules (25 secrets to Win at Roulette).

Let us give you an example:
If you followed our FREE Course you should know that you can win at roulette ONLY if roulette has money. If roulette has NO money, then even if you bet on 36 of 37 numbers – you will get a loss. So, through the 25 secrets, you can learn HOW to check if Roulette Has Money, in this way – by applying the needed secret – if you find out that roulette has NO money – you have to LEAVE the session and join later. This allows you to AVOID losses, and the money you do NOT lose – is money that you WIN!

PLEASE NOTE: The “25 secrets to WIN” at roulette is a list of instructions that you have to apply in order to reach up to 94.7% of winning. All of the “25 secrets to WIN” at roulette are based on the experiments we did. By analyzing hundreds of roulettes, making hundreds of roulette sessions, and statistics – we tried to find out parameters that increase the winnings at roulette. None of the secrets is casual, each of them is very important for having a profit at roulette.

What exactly do the 25 secrets teach you? 

Below are listed the titles of the 25 secrets to give you an idea of what exactly you can learn by reading all the secrets. Remember that the 25 Secrets are NOT free, so you need to buy a license for getting access to them.

TITLES OF THE 25 SECRETS (some of them are partially revealed):  

  1. How Much Money Do I Have To Deposit On Roulette?  
  2. How To Reach 5x Starting Balance In One Day?
  3. How Much To Win In One Roulette Session?
  4. How To Set The Right Configuration?
  5. What I Must Do First To Start Place My First Bet? 
  6. How Long Time To Bet The Same Type Of Bet For? 
  7. In Case Of Lose, Should I  Double the Next Bet? Martingale Upgrade!
  8. What Is The Best Type Of Bet I Have To Bet On? 
  9. What Is The Best Secret To Win Using Roulegenius?
  10. How To Minimize Your Loses Playing At Roulette? 
  11. How Much Time To Play During One Session?
  12. How Long Time I Have To Wait Between Two Sessions?
  13. What Is The Key To Win At Roulette?
  14. When Is The Right Moment To Leave Roulette?
  15. Should I Play In Normal Mode Or Fast Mode? 
  16. What Is The Hardest Secret That Everybody Has To Keep In Mind?
  17. What Is Better: Live Or Software Roulette (Rng)?
  18. What Is The Best Rush Hours When You’ve To Play At Roulette?
  19. What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Play At Roulette?
  20. Which Settings Are The Best One For Getting the Highest % Of Winning?
  21. When During The Session I have The Highest % Of Winning?
  22. How To Detect That The Next Spin Will Be A Losing One? (Detect If Roulette Has Money)
  23. Should I Use Martingale System Or Any Other One?
  24. What Is The Best Type Of Bet On Live Roulette? 
  25. What Is The Secret To Getting Long-Time Profit?

How to win at roulette: 1000+ experiments


RouleGENIUS Team made lots of different experiments. For example, we played 5 different sessions during the day. The first session ended after 5 minutes of playing roulette, the second one after 10 minutes, the third one after 15 minutes, the fourth one after 20 minutes the last one after at least 30 minutes. We repeat the experiment every day for one week – and realized that sessions with 5 minutes offer much more income than sessions with 30 minutes.

In conclusion, we got that the “more time you play at roulette – less % of winning you get” – that is why we make roulette sessions of only 5-10 minutes. More, even our FREE Trial doesn’t last more than 10 minutes. 

If you already got a license, contact our assistant about how to see the secrets below (support@roulegenius.com)

In case you can’t afford the price of the free software, do NOT worry, we published a FREE Video Course about how to win at roulette that can help you to get some income for purchasing our main package.

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