#3 Type of BET and Roulette Wheel Predictor

#3 Configuration: Type of Bet and Roulette WHEEL Predictor

RouleGENIUS roulette software is a universal roulette predictor that gives winning predictions for ANY type of bet you need (including the roulette wheel predictor). To choose the type of prediction, open the configuration panel.

On the bottom part, you can choose to get predictions for single numbers, outside bets, and roulette wheel predictors. Let’s make some tries and see the differences. Below you can find a video tutorial about it.

Some examples

Suppose you want to bet only on 10 predictions. If the last winning number on your roulette table is 20 black, by clicking on it, you get predictions. As you can observe the predictions are for all types of bets: single numbers, outside bets, and hot roulette wheel, each one with a percentage of winning.

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If we open the configuration panel and uncheck the outside bets, so RouleGENIUS should hide them, by saving the configuration and clicking again on 20 black, you should be able to see that there disappear the outside predictions, only hot roulette wheel, and single bets remain visible.

Let’s make one more example: if we check back the outside bets option and uncheck the single numbers, by clicking again on 20 black, you should observe the opposite result: no single numbers as predictions, only outside bets.


How actually hot wheel is working? Easy: if you try to check back the single numbers from configuration panel, and click on 20 black, you can see that the numbers shown on table as hot predictions, are also visible on the HOT Wheel.

Example: 1 red on the table exist also on the hot wheel, four black is indicated into the hot wheel too, 8 black, and so on. It is a very powerful tool if you decide to bet on hot areas into your roulette, because often comes out numbers near to the hottest one the software shows you.

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