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  • Since 1st March 2024, the RouleGENIUS Trial is FREE and offers daily access to the predictions for 1 Roulette session of 7 minutes (every day you can access the software for 7 minutes).
  • The FREE Trial Credentials can be required below using your Email. Please note, access credentials works on all devices (laptop, tablet, mobile, etc) and platforms (windows, Mac, android, iOS, etc)
  • To avoid the wrong configuration, the software is preconfigured on 1 specific casino: VoyBet Casino (Live Roulette provided by Evolution Gaming). You can only choose the STRATEGY to be used: single numbers, rows/dozens, or outside bets.
  • To receive trial credentials write to us through WhatsApp/Telegram/Email. Instructions and access credentials will be sent through EMAIL.
  • For the first time in 7 years, the FREE Trial includes access to the AUTOBET function (make use of it in case you want to bet on single numbers predictions).
  • The Free Trial does NOT include access to the 25 secrets to WIN!   
  • For any questions or doubts feel free to contact us through live chat, email, WhatsApp, or telegram. 

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1 Session of 7 minutes / Everyday
£ 0

  • 70.9% Winning Accuracy
  • Max 4 losses in a row
  • 1 User / 1 Device
  • FREE Updates
  • VoyBET Casino Database only
  • 25 Secrets to Win
  • Autobet Function (windows)
  • Artificial Intelligence Database
  • VIP Database/Strategy