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All about the RG 2023 Trial Version

No, unfortunately there does NOT exist any FREE Access to RouleGENIUS 2023 Roulette Strategy. 

The RouleGENIUS Roulette Predictor gives predictions based on people clicks, so an improper use (like clicking on casual numbers) may damage our program databases. For this reason - there is NO Free Trial. 

In order to get the Trial Credentials you need to complete the payment requets on the right (or bottom side). You can pay only by card or PayPal. 

The duration of our Trial Version is 7 minutes of predictions. There exists a timer that launches once you request the first predictions. The configuration is NOT included in the 7 minutes, so you can spend like 1 hour configuring the software, but then you have only 7 minutes of predictions. 

You are eligible to order only 1 Trial. To have a serious profit - you need to know and apply the 25 secrets to WIN which are NOT included in the Trial version. To avoid misuse of our software, we allow only 1 Trial. In case you purchase a second trial - you risk do NOT receive any Trial Credentials (no refund is included). 

No, the trial is a Limited version, with limited features. It does NOT include: Own database, VIP databases, VIP strategies, Autobet Function, 25 secrets and high IQ bot Adviser. 

After the payment, you will be redirected to a page where you have to insert your Email. After that, within 1-2 minutes, you will receive an Email with Login Credentials and instructions for using the Trial Version. 

Please, before contacting our assistance, check INBOX and SPAM folder of your Email provider. We have automatic system so it's hard that the system doesn't send you any email. Anyway, if you don't get it within 5 minutes, contact our assistance (live chat, whatsapp, telegram, email) and your trial credentials will be sent manually.  

The percentage of winning is about 70%. A higher profit (up to 95%) requires the use of 25 secrets to Win at Roulette (which are included in our packages). If you set the right configuration, during the Trial Version it's guaranteed maximum 4 losses in a row. 

Trial Credentials

1 Roulette Session

7 minutes of Predictions

  • RG Databases
  • 0 Secrets to Win
  • 0 Update is included
  • only for Web App
  • 70.9% Winning Accuracy
  • Max 4 losses in a row
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