Roulette 2023: About Trial | 2023 Roulette Strategy

All about the RG 2023 Trial Version

Please READ carefully before ordering the Trial Pack (available below). 


  • Since 1st January 2023 the RouleGENIUS Trial is NOT anymore free and request a low-cost fee. 
  • The Trial has a duration of 7 minutes for receiving predictions (1 roulette session). 
  • The configuration does not launch the 7 minutes countdown, so configure the software calmly. 
  • Each visitor can buy only 1 Trial. Do NOT try to purchase more than 1 trial, you risk don’t receive access credentials.
  • Once payment is done, the Access credentials will be sent through EMAIL. More, you will also receive instructions for using the trial, so read the email carefully. 
  • In case you don’t use your trial – you can receive 100% money back (contact assistance).
  • In case you used your trial and purchase one more – NO REFUND will be included. 
  • Trial Version gives limited access to the software: functions like Autobet or hot single numbers Strategy – are disabled for security reasons. For using them – you need to know firstly the 25 secrets to WIN (which are not included in the Trial Pack).  
  • RouleGENIUS is the most powerful predictor against roulette. Try to understand it before making use of your unique Trial.  
  • The Trial Credentials are sent within 1 hour after purchase. Check INBOX and SPAM folders before contacting RouleGENIUS Assistance. 
  • For any questions or doubts feel free to contact us through live chat, email, WhatsApp, or telegram. 
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1 Roulette Session
[wpcs_price value=15]
[wpcs_price value=12] /day
7 minutes of predictions

  • 70.3% Winning Rate
  • Only for WEB App
  • Max 4 losses in a row
  • Default Databases
  • Hot Numbers Strategy
  • OWN Databases
  • FREE Updates
  • 25 Secrets to WIN
  • AUTOBET Function
  • No Refund