Must I bet on single numbers only? Roulette Tips

Must I bet on single numbers?

RouleGENIUS is considered the best roulette software not only because it predicts winning numbers at roulette, but also gives predictions for all types of roulette, which means you’re actually free to bet on any type of bet like single numbers, dozens, rows, red/black, low/high, even/odd, street etc.

That also offers you the possibility to apply any type of strategy you want, because there are some strategies that work better with some specific types of bets. For example: if you want to use a strategy based on dozens, you need to have predictions on dozens, so in that case – you needn’t know the predictions about single numbers because you’ve no intention to bet on single numbers.

In fact, you can set into the roulette configuration panel to get predictions only for dozens, without bet on single numbers option or outside bets, so that you could see immediately each dozen percentage of winning for the next spin and bet on the one with the highest probability to occur.


So the question “must I bet on single numbers?”, the answer is NO, you’re free to bet on any type of bet you want. We advise choosing the one that you find most suitable with your specific roulette or with the strategy you’re using (like if you want to use Martingale and double in case of loss – it’s better to use red/black instead of rows or single numbers).

The biggest mistake: bet on all types of bets!

But, even if RouleGENIUS gives predictions for all types of bets, there exists a BIG mistake that most of our users do, which is: to bet on ALL predictions given by the software. We hardly ADVISE to NOT play all types of bets, but during one session bet only 1 type of bet. For example: if you want to bet on single numbers, you should continue betting only on single numbers until the end of the session, without using multiple types of bet: bet on single numbers + dozens + red/black… Why?

NOTE: Please pay attention that it is also relevant the percentage of winning for the single numbers. More details about you can find in the article THE BEST PERCENTAGE TO BET.

The reply is easy. Our statistics show that when people make bets on different types of bets, like red/black + dozens, usually, in case of winning, comes out the one that pays you less, which is, in this case, red/black, that pays 1:2, instead of the dozens (that pays 1:3). If you choose for example only 1 type of bet and keep it till the end of the session – then you have a HIGHER percentage of winning during that session!

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Advice: take pauses between sessions


In case you start with a type of bet and want to change it like you start to play with dozens but after 5 minutes you want to bet on single numbers, then we advise leaving roulette, taking a pause of at least 1 hour, coming back and in a NEW session – play the new type of bet you want (in this case single numbers). More details about what we offer in our “25 secrets to WIN” at roulette that we hardly advise applying during your roulette sessions.

We believe that you will understand correctly that the RouleGENIUS roulette software predictor is a UNIVERSAL software, so it has to give all types of predictions, but that doesn’t mean you have to bet all of them. So there is very important your presence, and that is the reason why we don’t implement an “auto-bet” option where you leave the software bet on its own…

In the end, just to reveal to you the truth, RouleGENIUS meaning is Roulette+Genius, which means to play at roulette using your Genius, your brain. If you start playing like a robot or make the same bets continuously in a long time (after 10-15 minutes) – you will start to have only losses.

RouleGENIUS – now is your time to win at roulette!

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