Playing at roulette: 7 ERRORS to AVOID using RouleGENIUS

The 7 ERRORS to AVOID by playing at roulette while you’re using RouleGENIUS

Playing at roulette is easy, but playing at roulette CORRECTLY is NOT as easy as it looks! Above you can find THE 7 COMMON ERRORS that new users make using RouleGENIUS (and risk to have no win by playing at roulette):

1. Clicking on CASUAL NUMBERS while playing at roulette

RouleGENIUS predictor is a roulette software that calculates predictions basing on the POSITION of numbers.  If you type numbers casually or not in the SAME order as numbers come out – you will get WRONG PREDICTIONS! You have to type into software ALL numbers, even if you bet or not on them.

Example: Suppose you click on SPIN buttons and there comes out 11 black, 21 red, 34 red, 30 red, 8 black, 17 black, and then 23 red.
If you type into software 11, 21, 34, 8, 17, 23 – that is a BIG MISTAKE because you missed 30 red!


2. Missing CONFIGURATION while playing at roulette

Our software is the best 2020 roulette software predictor because it does NOT give “casual predictions”, but it studies your specific roulette in part and gives predictions exactly for your roulette. By setting a specific roulette name and platform into the configuration software, RouleGENIUS confront it with 1000+ databases we uploaded into the software. Once it finds the best database – it STUDIES it and gives winning predictions for your specific roulette. So if you set a WRONG configuration – that means you’ll receive wrong predictions! that is why there is VERY IMPORTANT that you set the right configuration.


3. Missing the 25 secrets to WIN at roulette

If you have RouleGENIUS – that doesn’t mean you will win 100% at roulette. Why? Because it’s like having a car if you have it – that doesn’t mean you are also able to drive it, you will need a CAR LICENSE. In this case, our “car license” – are the 25 secrets to WIN – they tell you all the details you need to know for having success with RouleGENIUS.

Usually, we don’t leave any support to people until they don’t read at least 2-3 times our 25 secrets to WIN – because the key of winning using RouleGENIUS – is to apply ALL 25 secrets to WIN when you are playing at roulette! Without secrets – software predictions are useless because you will play casually!

4. Watching the software results WITHOUT BETTING on the roulette table!

Watching results without betting is one of the biggest errors people commit. Why? Because the algorithm that let roulette games run can be split into 2 parts:

  1. Random result: this part of the code is running when you make NO BETS  – so roulette will determine a random winning number.
  2. REAL result: this part of the code is running when you MAKE BETS, so the roulette calculates the winning number based on your bets.

Important: RouleGENIUS is studying the SECOND part of the code, so if you make no bets – you will get different results than our RouleGENIUS roulette software predicts.

5. Betting FUN MONEY or playing at roulette in FAST MODE

RouleGENIUS software gives predictions based on database lists that we uploaded into the software and updates every week. Those databases were collected by us using NORMAL SPIN and playing with REAL MONEY, so the predictions that the software will give after studying those databases are for NORMAL SPIN Mode and playing with REAL MONEY. That’s why if you are going to play in Fast Mode or with Fun Money – you will get different results.

6. Playing on UNOFFICIAL roulette!

Nowadays on the web are a couple of roulettes, and most of them are not anymore licensed. RouleGENIUS gives winning predictions only if you play on an OFFICIAL and LICENSED roulette. That’s why we hardly advise you, to check if your roulette is licensed first to start playing on it.

In order to check if roulette is licensed – it must have a REAL PLATFORM (platform = name of the company that created that roulette). If the roulette you play has been created by an unofficial source – that means the creator (programmer) has full access to set a low % of winning. In that case, you will not have any more winnings (even if you bet using RouleGENIUS predictions).

Please give a look at our video tutorials page if you want to Win at Roulette.

7. Bet on only 10 predictions or All spins

The last, but not the less important error, is to bet only 10 predictions (as we often play during the video proofs) or to bet during ALL Spins. Why?

To have winnings by playing only on 10 predictions you need to know perfectly how RouleGENIUS calculate predictions and apply perfectly ALL 25 secrets to WIN. Seeing that you’re a beginner, we advise leaving the option”prediction amount?” (from the configuration panel) in BLANK (empty). In this way, the software will show you ALL hot predictions.

Another error is to bet on ALL spins. Supposing that you bet 20 spins: it’s impossible to win 20/20  continuously, which means there will be at least 1 losing spin. That means you’ve to “skip” some spins and hope that the one you skip will be a losing one: it will NOT be casual if you will APPLY secret number 22: “how to detect losing spins and skip them?”.

If you can’t afford the price of our software, don’t worry: we published a FREE VIDEO COURSE on youtube about how you can win at roulette. It is the first course in the world that allows you to increase your income.


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