How get the NAME of Roulette?

How to get the RIGHT Name of roulette you’re playing on?

The name of roulette seems to be one of the easiest settings to set into the configuration panel, but it is not as easy as it looks to be. In this article, we will try to find out: how you have to detect correctly the name of roulette you’re playing on. That name you will have to set it into the RouleGENIUS configuration panel as NAME OF ROULETTE.


In this post, we want to reveal to you some extra information and details to which you have to pay attention.

First of all, pay attention to the name of the roulette you see first to launch it is NOT always the right one. Nowadays, in 2020, most casinos set as the name of Roulette a casual one. The purpose of this trick is to “confuse” their clients and some roulette predictors. That’s why once you launch the game you can see totally a different roulette! Pay attention to that!


Let give an example in order to let you understand better:

Suppose you want to play at FRENCH Roulette, and click on the roulette that is called “FRENCH Roulette”. By clicking on that text you’re redirected to a new page (or there comes out a pop-up) where actually is launching a DIFFERENT game, for example, an 3D Roulette, and not a French one.

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regent casino live roulette

It is very easy to “fool” people and clients about the real name of roulette because most of the roulette games look similar, so only clients that have experience or give a look to details may note the difference.

So, first all we advise to NOT trust the “name” you see first to click on a specific game. Search for further proof that testifies that the clicked name is the right one.


3 tricks about how to get the roulette name

Let reveal you 3 tricks how can you detect if the roulette name is the right one:

  1. Give a look at the URL of the new window that opens with your game. Usually, the link includes the name of that specific game you play on. For example, if you see a link like, then you can say certainly that it is a roulette 3D and not a French one.
  2. Give a look at the roulette table that you use for making a bet. Often, on the roulette, is visible the NAME of that specific roulette that you are playing on. So if you see on a roulette table the name – be sure that is the right one and not the one you clicked on for launching the roulette.
  3. Give a look to the roulette DESIGN. If you want to play on a 3D Roulette, for example, it’s clear that if you do not see a 3d wheel that is NOT certainly a 3D roulette, it is a different one.

What if there is a double roulette name?

IMPORTANT: If your roulette is written a double name, like PREMIUM French roulette, then into the software configuration you MUST set the FIRST name you can see.

So if you play on PREMIUM French roulette, you will set – PREMIUM – (and not french roulette), if you play at a European PRO Roulette, then you will set – EUROPEAN – (and not pro roulette).

NOTE: Remember that you have to set also the RIGHT PLATFORM of the roulette where you’re playing on (not only the name, so please read also PLATFORM NAME vs CASINO NAME )

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