8 of 9 Profitable Spins at Lightning Roulette

Hitting 2x Lightning Roulette Numbers in 9 spins

roulegenius lightning roulette

This is a VIDEO PROOF of a good profitable result at Live Lightning Roulette. In only 9 spins we got 6 wins, two of them are Lightning Numbers (200x and 50x), only 1 loss, and 2 spins skipped (using the 25 secrets to Win given by RouleGENIUS).

This video shows how you should apply the VIP Database Strategy based on the RouleGENIUS Wheel Predictions. The procedure is very simple: you just need to configure the software, and then bet on hot areas.

Remember that predictions are not casual, the predictions depend on the configuration you set – so only by setting a RIGHT configuration, you will get PROFITABLE hot predictions.

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