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#00 Lesson: Introduction to Roulette Video Course

The first FREE Video Course in the WORLD for winning at roulette.

My name is Anne, I’m a specialist in IT Management and Gambling Development, and also I’m the main manager of the RouleGENIUS Project which born into 2017 with the purpose to find out a solution for winning at roulette.

My team with me studied different roulettes for about 6 months and we made hundreds of roulette sessions and statistical graphs in order to understand how does the roulette work and how is possible to WIN at roulette.

We created the RouleGENIUS Roulette Software, titled nowadays as the best 2020 roulette predictor on the web, and wrote down the 25 secrets to WIN at Roulette (tricks about how to increase your income).

This year (2020), RouleGENIUS Project gets 3 years of activity and as Manager, I want to share with you, TOTALLY FOR FREE, the first FREE Course in the world about HOW TO WIN AT ROULETTE!

I will reveal in part some of the 25 secrets to WIN only with the purpose to give you a BASE that will help you start winning at roulette (there is NOT requested any purchase).

Believe me, the information I’m going to REVEAL you does NOT exist on the web, and it is 100% based on studies, researches, simulations, and statistics.

I’ve also 3 years of experience as LIVE Chat Assistant on and I can GUARANTEE YOU that about 95% of roulette players have NO idea about how the roulette is working and even that they want to WIN at Roulette: that is why I’m creating this FREE Video Course. The purpose of this course is to REVEAL YOU How the roulette is working and how you can INCREASE your incomes by playing at roulette.

Index of the FREE Course:

#01 Lesson: Win at roulette: How does the roulette work?

#02Lesson: Does casino CONTROL the winnings at gambling games?

#03 Lesson: THE TRUTH: casino does NOT pay for your Winnings!

#04 Lesson: How much you can win at roulette?

#05 Lesson: Who are the WINNERS at roulette?

#06 Lesson: How to check if the roulette has money.

#07 Lesson: Final conclusions to WIN at Roulette.

If you like the FREE COURSE and want to know MORE, you can get the 25 secrets to WIN at roulette.

Index of 25 secrets to WIN at roulette:

1. How much money you have to deposit on roulette?

2. How to reach 5x starting balance in one day?

3. How much can you win in one roulette session?

4. How important is to configurate RouleGENIUS?

5. What you must do first to start place your first bet?

6. How long time to bet same type of bet for?

7. Should you use martingale System (double bet)?

8. What is the best type of bet you have to bet on?

9. What is the best secret to win using RouleGENIUS software?

10. How to minimize your loses by playing at roulette?

11. How much time to play during one session?

12. How long time you have to wait between two roulette sessions?

13. Which is the key to win at roulette?

14. When is the right moment to leave roulette?

15. Should you play on normal mode or fast mode?

16. What is the hardest roulette secret to keep in mind?

17. What is better: LIVE or RNG roulette?

18. Which are the best rush hours when you’ve to play at roulette?

19. Which is the best day to play at roulette?

20. Which are the best settings for RouleGENIUS?

21. During a roulette session, When you have the highest % of winning?

22. How to detect if the next spin will be a losing one?

23. Should you use martingale system or any other?

24. What is the best type of bet on LIVE roulette?

25. What is the secret to get long-time profit?

IMPORTANT: The FREE Course has 7 LESSONS which are connected between them, so please watch The Lessons in ORDER otherwise you will be confused.

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