Roulette CASINO and Platform name

Difference between Roulette Casino and PLATFORM

Most of you still don’t have a clear view about WHAT is a PLATFORM (a gambling platform) and what is actually the difference between a PLATFORM and a roulette CASINO.

First of all, let’s define the concept of Online CASINO: it is actually a company where people register and play gambling games (including the roulette). The games that you can find on any casino are not created by the casino brand. All gambling games like slots, roulette, poker tables, bingo games are created by other companies (platforms).

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The only thing that the casino does is to OFFER you the opportunity to play on that specific games. I’m sure that you do NOT know that the casino pays lots of money for having a LICENSE to add gambling games on their websites. So, there is such a high price that the company that creates the games don’t even try to offer them on their website: they just SELL games.

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More about gambling platforms

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That company, that creates games, we call PLATFORM, which is a company like Playtech, NetENT, Microgaming etc. The platform gambling games can be visible only into licensed casinos. In fact, when you are launching a game, most of the time you do NOT see the casino brand. That’s because you see the PLATFORM logo (the real owner of the gambling game). That is also logical, because once someone creates a product he should put the own logo on their product.

So, the platform is the NAME OF COMPANY that creates the specific roulette casino game you play on (es. Playtech, Microgaming, netENT). The Casino does not “create” roulette game, because they BUY games (including roulette) from specific companies (platforms) for showing gambling games (roulette casino) on their casino websites.


Configuration into RouleGENIUS Roulette Predictor


Now, why RouleGENIUS has into configuration panel the option to choose the PLATFORM name and not the Casino name? The answer is easy: it’s because in the world are about 1000+ roulette casino and only 30+ platforms. There are lots of roulette casinos that use the SAME platform (buy games from the same platform). For example, the 2 most famous casinos like WilliamHill and Bet365, both are buying games from the PLAYTECH platform. That allows us to upload into our software only 1 database from Playtech and let our software RouleGENIUS study 1 database for giving you winning predictions.

In conclusion, there is NO matter the casino name where you’re playing, but the PLATFORM that created the roulette game you play on.

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