The Truth about Online Rigged Roulette

Video Proof about how Online Rigged Roulette trick you

It’s getting harder and harder to win against Online Rigged Roulette since their algorithm is set to let you have losses in case you play more than 7-10 minutes (make long sessions). Our statistics show that the longer your session is – the lower your chance of profit is.

To testify that roulette is NOT casual, so they are tricked – we created the video below. This doesn’t mean you can NOT win at roulette, it means you should read the 25 secrets to WIN in order to be able to TRICK the Roulette Algorithm.
As we said in our FREE Video Course, during every spin at Online Rigged Roulette, about 80% of players lose money, and 20% have profit, so the idea is to apply specific rules (25 secrets) in order to be a member of the 20% winners (and not a member of the 80% losing players).

The next video testifies how roulette tricks you. Please note, behind is an “algorithm” that controls the ball behavior automatically, that’s why we tell that the “winning number” depends on people’s bets. The presence of the Croupier at Live Roulette is IRRELEVANT!

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