Roulette 2023: Roulette Terms of Refunding 100% Roulette Strategy

Roulette Terms for getting 100% MONEY BACK!

Refund is guaranteed if RouleGENIUS is NOT working!

Would you like to get our RouleGENIUS software predictor but you are not sure if it is working? Don’t worry about it – RouleGENIUS guarantees 100% MONEY BACK if the roulette predictor is NOT working! 

Roulette terms 100% Refund RouleGENIUSOur roulette predictor is based on a simple condition: it gives NO MORE than 4 losses in a row if you apply all our 25 SECRETS TO WIN and set the RIGHT CONFIGURATION into the settings panel. What does that mean? Easy: every 5 spins you must have at least 1 WINNING (so if you have the experience you can use the Martingale Upgraded system). Are there 5 consecutive losses? WE OFFER YOU 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! There is irrelevant how much you bet ( €0.1, €0.5, €1, €5, €10, etc)

In case you have the software, but are n’t sure if you’re playing correctly, you can check the 7 COMMON ERRORS People make by using the RouleGENIUS Roulette Predictor.

IMPORTANT: Once you ask for a refund and we offer it to you – your personal license key WILL BE DISABLED (you will not be able to continue using RouleGENIUS Software).

Roulette Terms and conditions:

1. To receive 100% cash back you need to prove that you got more than 4 consecutive spins. Seeing that nowadays is easy to trick images, RouleGENIUS accepts only video format as proof (any kind of images or screenshots will be totally rejected), so you have to record your screen while you are playing. Once you have a video proof send it to our assistance and RouleGENIUS Team will REFUND 100% of your purchase if it is valid and respect all the conditions below!

2. Video with SPINS WITHOUT BETTING will be rejected from this promotion The results of roulette depend on your coverage – so RouleGENIUS Software predictor takes it into consideration and gives predictions supposing that you’re betting during the session.

3. Videos with NO REAL MONEY – will be rejected from this promotion. Our databases have been created using REAL MONEY, so seeing that RouleGENIUS software uses databases for calculating predictions – that means predictions are for REAL MONEY sessions! Any video proof that is playing with fake money or fun/game money – will be rejected from the refund promotion.

4. The video which doesn’t respect the RIGHT CONFIGURATION to play (using our RouleGENIUS Software)  or/and doesn’t respect at least one of our 25 SECRETS TO WIN – will be rejected from this promotion. Into video proof MUST BE VISIBLE the configuration you set. Videos that don’t show the configuration panel – will be rejected from this promotion.

5. The video must be recorded on an SSL CERTIFICATED CASINO (not social gambling platform) and the roulette must be certificated by a real platform.  Any video proof recorded on a fake casino or a social gambling platform will be rejected from this refund promotion.

6. You must show the video proof of the configuration you set and the roulette name you are playing at. The value of “how many predictions” software have to show you (XX=__) – must rest BLANK (empty – NO value)! If you set a fixed value (like 5 or 10 ) – your video proof will be rejected from the actual promotion.

7. From the moment you got the license email – you have up to 7 days ( for the 1-month package) or up to 30 days (for the lifetime package) to send a video proof to our assistance. Any video that will be sent after the 7 days (1-month package) or 30 days (lifetime package) – will be rejected from this promotion.

Send video through EMAIL: or LIVE Chat Assistance.