The best Roulette Predictor: got a license, what’s next?

Best Roulette Predictor: Got a license, What’s Next?

Once you got a license for our RouleGENIUS roulette software (titled “the best Roulette Predictor in 2022“), it does not matter what type is it (1 week, 1 month, or lifetime), your instinct, most probably, will influence your mind to open instantly a roulette table and checkout immediately how good the software is.

It’s one of the mistakes usually our new clients do, because once you get the license – your first desire is to RECOVER the money you invested into getting the license, and as result – you don’t have an open mind and start to make high bets without even be sure if you set the right configuration or applied any of our “25 secrets to WIN” at roulette that we hardly advise. As a result, often, after the first session, without setting the right configuration or following the right procedure of playing using RouleGENIUS – clients get some losses and become nervous.


That is why we want to give some tricks you have to apply once you get a valid license to access RouleGENIUS roulette software – the best roulette predictor of 2022.

Advices for roulette players that have a RouleGENIUS license

  1. Read carefully, at least 2-3 times, our “25 secrets to WIN” at roulette. It is very important to read, and understand, all the tips and secrets we reveal in the “25 secrets to WIN” at roulette (you get a password and link to the page once you buy a license, it’s included in your package).

    These secrets will help you to understand better how the software is working and also how you should proceed during the first sessions:
    – how much to bet, how often to bet, when is the right moment to play, when is the right moment to leave roulette, how long pause to leave during 2 sessions, how to detect losing spins and skip them, how to reduce losses and increase winnings? etc. Answers to all these questions can be found in “25 secrets to WIN” on the roulette page.

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The secret to having success is to make the right things

2. Watch all our video tutorials about the configuration and procedure of playing. It is very important to watch tutorials, they show you how to download and use the software, step by step, which is extremely important for a new user to know the right configuration or procedure of using the software.


Take your time: do NOT hurry up!

3. Don’t try during the first 2-3 days to play immediately. You need time to study our 25 secrets to WIN at roulette and watch all video tutorials first to start using the RouleGENIUS software. Don’t hurry up – you have enough time of winning at roulette using RouleGENIUS – so control yourself and dedicate the first 2-3 days to watching tutorials and trying to understand how you have to use the software correctly. If you play casually – you can’t have winnings using RouleGENIUS – because it’s very important to set the right CONFIGURATION and apply our indications.

Play safe: small bets mean 99% of winnings


4. Once you start making your first bets – at the beginning – use small bets (like 0,1 or 0,25 or 0,5). Don’t try to bet high amounts at the beginning, because you’re not sure that you set the right configuration or are applying correctly the Secrets to WIN at roulette. So try with small bets, then – if everything is okay and you start getting winnings, session by session, you can start to increase the bet amount. In the case your first 2-3 bets are losses – most probably you’re doing something wrong, so better to STOP playing and CONTACT our assistance in order to let us help you.

IMPORTANT: If you’re not an expert (and no one at the beginning is an expert) do NOT set a fixed amount of predictions to get into the configuration panel. Leave that option blank or set a value like 22 (as during the free trial) and then, once you will start understanding better how our predictor is working and how correctly to apply the 25 secrets to WIN – week by week you can start to decrease that value to 20, 18, 16 until you reach 10 predictions (as we use into our tutorials).

Don’t repeat the mistakes other players make

5. Give a look at 7 mistakes people usually make using our software:

Often, there are some mistakes that people don’t take into consideration, so most of them make the same mistakes. We tried to write some of them, so at the link above you can find 7 errors to avoid using our RouleGENIUS software. Read them and be sure you’re not doing that errors.

I hope these 5 tips will give you the first guide about how to proceed once you got your RouleGENIUS License.

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