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How to configure the RouleGENIUS and use the roulette software predictor?

RouleGENIUS roulette software is one of the easiest roulette software to configure. The software has a special configuration panel split into 3 parts:

1. Use Roulette Software: FREE Trial


This part can’t be accessed by people that have a license, it’s only for new users that need to try to software as FREE Trial, and try out how amazing RouleGENIUS roulette predictions are. Nowadays there are hundreds of roulette sellers and most of them see RouleGENIUS as a competitor – so there are websites where people write negative reviews about RouleGENIUS and instantly advise you to purchase or try different roulette software. Don’t trust them, because you’ve to trust only YOURSELF. Try firstly RouleGENIUS on your own (using the FREE Trial) – then take the conclusion. Don’t believe in fake and paid negative reviews about RouleGENIUS. You have to request a trial and use roulette software on your own.

IMPORTANT: If you can’t afford the price of our roulette predictor, we published for you the first FREE Video COURSE on youtube about how to win at roulette. So that will allow you to earn some money and be able to purchase our FULL RouleGENIUS Package (which will let you win up to 94.7%).

2. Use Roulette Software: RouleGENIUS Databases

This section is dedicated to all users that have a valid license like 1 week, 1 month, or lifetime license. Most of the time people don’t want to spend time and create their own database – even if by creating your own database you will increase your percentage of winning by about 10%! In this case, if clients don’t want to create an own database, they can use our software databases. We’ve 1000+ different databases, that we collected from over 50+ casinos. More, RouleGENIUS databases are updated WEEKLY – totally for FREE and this allows our customers to have the best experience using RouleGENIUS because predictions are always FRESH and with a high percentage of winning.

NOTE: One of the most important settings of this section is the name of the roulette, so please check also HOW TO GET NAME OF ROULETTE.


3. Use Roulette Software: Upload your own databases

This section is only for LIFETIME Members actually. The option to upload your own database allows you to create a database taken from your SPECIFIC roulette, the RouleGENIUS software will analyze it and will give winning predictions exactly for the roulette you’re playing on. It’s not difficult to create your own database, it usually takes about 2 hours, but once you create it, you can use it continuously. Why? Because RouleGENIUS has regeneration properties so it will update your database list while you’re playing your session. All you have to do is to SAVE at the end of the session the database you uploaded at the beginning. And, during the next session, upload the latest database you’ve saved.


If you need more information about how to configure each of the three parts – please give a look at our video tutorials. We’ve 30+ video tutorials where we SHOW you how to use each option from the configuration panel. In case you’ve other doubts don’t hesitate to contact RouleGENIUS Assistance through LIVE Chat or Email (

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