How to get the roulette PLATFORM Name?

How can I get the PLATFORM Name correctly?

First, to reveal how to detect the roulette PLATFORM name, we advise you to give a look to the next post: WHAT is PLATFORM, and what is the DIFFERENCE between PLATFORM and CASINO?


Now, once you know the meaning of the roulette PLATFORM name and what actually is the difference between a casino and a platform, is easier to find out the platform to which your game belongs to.

When you launch a roulette game – during the LOADING time (while the game is launching), in about 90% of cases, you should be able to see the LOGO of the roulette platform that creates that specific roulette game you want to play on.

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In case there doesn’t exist a loading time – most of the time, the platform name is also indicated on the TABLE wheel. Try to find out if there, once the roulette game is launched, exist indications regarding the platform. If you can’t find any, don’t worry- we offer you 2 more tricks for finding that out.

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Roulette trick to detect the Platform Name

One trick is to look inside the casino website because most of the time on the bottom part of the website you may see a “sponsor” or partnership with a specific roulette PLATFORM name as a logo. So often, casinos don’t use more than 1 platform, because the game’s price is very high. So they search for the best option and make treats with the platform for a good price.


In case there is no logo on the footer part of the website, we advise you to contact the ASSISTANCE of your casino and ask them who is the PROVIDER or the creator of their games. If casino assistance says to you that games belong to them (so there does NOT exist a real platform) – we HARDLY advise you to NOT play on that specific casino.

NOTE: Once you set the PLATFORM name into the configuration panel, please remember that you can also set the number of predictions that RouleGENIUS should calculate for you. More about you can find out in the article: AMOUNT OF PREDICTION: HOW MANY?

Roulette without Platform is a rigged roulette

porto casino roulette

You have to understand that the roulette PLATFORMS that already exist in the world have a license. There exist specific agencies that CONTROL these platforms and ensure people that their games are not rigged. So you should play only licensed and certified gambling games!

If there is a casino to create the game – most probably the roulette game is RIGGED, so you will have NO percentage of winning on their platform, as a result, you will get only losses.

NOTE: Give a look at THE BEST CASINO BRAND TO PLAY ON because it is important where you are playing. Remember, you can NOT win on the faked casino, so find the right one!

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