Which is the best online casino to play on?

Which is the best online casino RouleGENIUS works with?

This is one of the most common questions people ask RouleGENIUS assistance through live chat or email: which is the best online casino to play on? How to detect or choose the “best casino to play roulette on?”

There are hundreds of articles on the web that talk about “LIVE Roulette” as the best roulette software or about “RNG roulette” that doesn’t allow you to get winnings. It’s time that you know the truth and let’s explain it in the article below.


First of all, you should understand that ALL ONLINE roulettes, there no matter, if it is a LIVE roulette or an RNG roulette! Remember, first of all, is a GAME! That means that, as well as all mobile/laptop applications/games, it is working based on an ALGORITHM (a string of code that lets the application/game run). The game by itself does nothing else than run code written by a programmer.

The right answer about the best online casino

In order to find out the TRUTH about “which is the best online casino to play on” we analyzed hundreds of roulette algorithms. The games were taken from different types of roulette. The purpose was to understand how roulette selects a specific number as the “winning number”. More, we tried to understand how roulette decides which player is the winner and which of them is the loser.

We found out a couple of principles, and of course, we can’t reveal ALL of them in this roulette article. We’re going to share some of them with you, to let you understand better the concept “how to have more winnings at roulette”. But that is not all, you are going to find out the answer to your question “which is the best online casino to play on”.

First, to reveal some private information, I want to inform you that most of the principles RouleGENIUS team found out are already written into the 25 secrets to WIN at roulette. You can get for FREE if you purchase a RouleGENIUS roulette license. So the 25 secrets are not casual, were written by our team, basing on hundreds of statistics we did and lots of experiments.

If you can’t afford the software price, you can take advantage of our FREE VIDEO COURSE on youtube about how to win at roulette!

IMPORTANT: In case you’re not sure that you’re using correctly the RouleGENIUS Roulette Predictor please check the article: 7 Common Errors to AVOID!


Principles that let a player win at roulette

So, let’s continue: what are the principles that let a specific player win or lose by playing roulette? One of these principles is TIME. Yes, we made different roulette sessions (playing sessions of 2 minutes, sessions of 5 minutes, sessions of 10 minutes, sessions of 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc). These experiments let us find out that the session where we played for more than 10 minutes ended with a negative balance!

So as result, we got the conclusion that roulette is programmed to let you have some winnings at beginning of the session. The idea is to stimulate you to continue playing! Didn’t you observe similar results too on online casinos? Most probably you did, because in the end, if you continue playing – you start to get losses! More, by trying to recover them – you end with a 0 balance…

This means, if you find the RIGHT moment to leave roulette – then you don’t have to risk anything, so you always can end the roulette session with POSITIVE Balance. About which is the RIGHT moment to leave roulette and how many minutes you should play at roulette – we wrote into our “25 secrets to WIN at roulette”.

playing roulette together to beat casino 1

Another principle is the number of players that make bets: suppose that you and your friend are playing a game. If one of you gets a win – the other one should lose, otherwise, it makes no sense. If you’re playing with 10 friends, about 8 of you will get winning – the other 1-2 will lose.

The same at roulette: the roulette can’t make ALL have winnings, otherwise it will get no profit! So if someone is losing – the other players are winning! The more players are online while you’re playing – the higher will be your percentage of winning! In fact, there are some “rush hours” during the day and “rush days” during the week when people get a higher percentage of winning. We wrote more about it in “the 25 secrets to WIN at roulette”.

Why we’re revealing secrets for winning at roulette?

porto casino roulette 1

Are you asking yourself why we’re revealing all these “secrets”? The answer is easy: to testify that actually – all FACTORS that stay behind each ROULETTE don’t take into consideration the roulette name. In other words, there is no matter if you play French roulette or a Premium one. That’s because there are other FACTORS/ PRINCIPLES that influence you to be the “winner” at roulette.

NOTE: In case you may be interested, here is the link where you can discover WHICH ROULETTE BEST MATCH WITH RouleGENIUS PREDICTOR

In conclusion, there doesn’t exist a roulette better than others, unless it is licensed, all of them are good – and the only way to win is to study the roulette algorithm, find out which are the factors that influence your winning at roulette, and then apply them (play during the “rush hours”, play the right number of minutes”, stop at the right moment of the session etc).

Feel free to play on any online casino you want unless it is a CERTIFICATED and LICENSED one. We advise playing at a famous online casino in your country. More, people play on a specific online casino – a higher will be your percentage of winning.

Enjoy your winnings! Please check our FAQ page for more details.

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