#10 Roulette Login Details (Location Panel)

RouleGENIUS IP Panel: tracking roulette login details

RouleGENIUS roulette software is an innovative predictor that you can access using a valid license key. You can get a license key for free using the FREE trial or purchasing one of our packages. Once you buy a package – you get a unique and personalized license key which you are not authorized to share with anyone. You can see into the roulette login panel every access you made using your personal license.

We’ve 100% copyright on RouleGENIUS software, so it is totally prohibited to share or try to sell your own personalized license. Each of the licenses we offer is for only 1 person, so in case our system detects that your license is used by more than 1 person – it will automatically block license and you will lose it forever!

That is the reason why we’ve added a login panel details, where you can see details about each login you make so that you could see in case someone else is using your license.

If you see a different location than your own – immediately contact us and ask to change your license key, don’t wait for that system block the license, because once it is blocked – we can’t reactivate it.

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