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Roulette Predictor: Questions from a faithful RouleGENIUS visitor:

Below, you can find 9 questions sent by a VISITOR, not a client, and there was our pleasure not only to reply them (to let him have a clearer view about RouleGENIUS roulette predictor) but also publish his questions as a POST in order to let all new visitors know more about RouleGENIUS.

1) Is my understanding of Roulegenius correct: The system counts thousands of spins from the online roulette tables, which are shared by many online casinos, and based on imperfections with these tables, the bias spins are noted and members are guided to bet based on predicted numbers occurring. Is this correct?

Yes, in part, it is correct. The only wrong thing is that databases of numbers that our software is studying are NOT taken casually from roulette tables, are collected by our us, using special software that collects automatically numbers from the statistical panel that are available on different roulettes.

We update 1000+ databases weekly, so that lets our clients get week by week updated databases and the highest percentage of winning (totally FOR FREE). Once a client gets a lifetime license – it pays NO extra fees! Everything is included in the first payment for a lifetime license! We’re not scammers to ask extra fees at every update (as other roulette sellers do).


Some more details have been revealed in the post: RouleGENIUS | Questions and Replies

2) Can I contact members that are winning with this system?

If you find them on the web from blogs or forums – yes, of course, it’s your right. For privacy reasons, we’re not allowed to share your personal email or contact details with other people. So we can’t share with anyone the personal details of our clients (like phone number, email, name/surname etc).

IMPORTANT: RouleGENIUS published the first FREE Video COURSE on the web about how to win at roulette. This course teaches you about the roulette algorithm and how does it actually detect winnings predictions. Follow the FREE Course and increase your income. So if you like it, get our ELITE Package where we reveal secrets about how to reach 94.7% of winning! And that is NOT all: we also offer you 25 secrets to WIN at roulette and a full pdf guide!

3) Which casino can I use your roulette software on?

You’re free to use RouleGENIUS on ANY CASINO that has a valid certificate and use licensed games. I remember that a roulette game has a license (certified) if it has a real platform (platform = company that creates gambling games, like Playtech, NetENT, Microgaming etc). If you play on the roulette that has NO license, or on a casino that has no CERTIFICATE on games – then we can’t guarantee any winning.


4) How many actual roulette wheels are into RouleGENIUS database, regardless of how many online casinos there are?

Our RouleGENIUS roulette has 1000+ different databases, taken from 1000+ different roulettes, so we collect the databases from all other the world (seeing that RouleGENIUS is a universal and international roulette predictor). Please pay attention, that there is mattering the NAME and PLATFORM of the roulette you’re playing on, not the casino name.

A casino is a “third party” that does nothing else than show roulette games created by a PLATFORM, so we don’t study casinos (since there are thousands all other the world) but study PLATFORMs (that are less).


5) How many casinos are available to Canadians?

There is no matter the origin of casinos, RouleGENIUS is not tracking the number of casinos that exist in each country, but study the companies that create roulette games, which we call PLATFORMS, like Playtech, NetENT, Microgaming etc.

6) Many online casinos are dishonest. Do you recommend proven honest online casinos?

RouleGENIUS is an INDEPENDENT project, no casino or gambling platform sponsor us or our project, so RouleGENIUS has NO intention of making advertising to any casino. Previously, our team started to advise some casinos where most of our clients get a higher percentage of winning, but soon there were people that criticized RouleGENIUS like we’re making advertising and “sending clients” to casinos, and get income from that (like we’re paid by casinos).

This is the reason why, starting from that instance, we don’t advise anymore any casino to play on. Each client is FREE to play on ANY casino you want! We can just advise you to play on CERTIFICATED casino (you can search on google famous and certified casino in your specific country).

7) What win/loss advice can you provide?

RouleGENIUS provide a list of 25 secrets to WIN at roulette, which is a list of advice basing on hundreds of statistics we made for finding out the best strategy for winning at roulette. There you can find rules or secrets that you’ve to apply for increasing your winnings and also reduce your losses.

Through the 25 secrets to WIN at roulette, you can find details about:
– how much time to play during one session;
– how often to play at roulette or how long pause to take between 2 sessions;
– which type of bet is the right one to play on;
– how to detect losing spins and skip them;
– what is martingale upgrade strategy and how to apply it?;
– which roulette to play on and when exactly, during the day and week, you – will get a higher percentage of winning?

By reading 2-3 times our “25 secrets to WIN” and APPLYING to your roulette session – you will increase your percentage of winning from 60-65% up to 85-90%.

8) Finally, what payment systems do you recommend? Does the payment method influence roulette winnings?

The deposit method or gateway doesn’t influence your percentage of winning. You are free to deposit using any payment method allowed by your casino. RouleGENIUS advises just to avoid any crypto casinos because they all are fake.

The method is not worthing, just check that the casino you’re playing on is a RELIABLE one so that it will let you WITHDRAW once you get winnings using RouleGENIUS roulette predictor.

9) If you have a winning roulette predictor, do you track when your clients get winnings and where are they from?

For privacy reasons, our roulette software RouleGENIUS is NOT tracking the winnings that our clients get. So the clients are free to record their session and send them to us in case they want to publish them as advertising for RouleGENIUS project (to thank us for the successful results) or they can send video recording and ask if their configuration and the procedure of playing is the right one (so that be sure they are doing everything right).

None of the roulette sellers you can find on the web gives a so high-quality assistance (email and live chat) as we offer for all visitors (most of the roulette sellers, once you get a license, don’t reply to your questions anymore). So we’re not as “most” of sellers and we’re not only replying to our visitors but also publish the replies as POST (so that all future visitors be able to see and read them).

Transparency is the secret to success. It’s important for each visitor, first to start using our Roulette Predictor, to understand correctly how software is working and how to use it correctly.

For any doubt or question, feel free to write to us on live chat or through email: You’re our main reason for making things better! So don’t hesitate to become part of our community. Together we’re stronger and can beat any online roulette!

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