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Roulette Software: 7 useful questions from a client about RouleGENIUS

An old prophet said: if you explain a thing (the roulette software) to 100 people and only 1 of them did NOT understand you (the roulette software), it is not the fault of that specific person, the fault is yours, you are the problem: you weren’t good enough to explain it as you had to.

That is why, using this post, we want to reply to 7 questions sent from one of our visitors from Italy (fab****** You can see questions and replies below:


HOW LONG SHOULD I PLAY (use roulette software)?

  1. Since I use to play RNG roulette, when I start a new session and want the casino to see me as a NEW player, do I have to wait that a ZERO comes out?

No, the 0 green doesn’t define you as a new player. Actually, a basic user can’t get much information, because it’s “hidden” in the roulette algorithm, but you’re not a “basic user”, you’re a RouleGENIUS client, so we’re going to reveal a trick. The best way to see if roulette is considering you as “a new player” is to watch where is the ball on the roulette wheel once you’ve just joined the roulette. If you just joined the roulette and did not make any spin, and see the ball on 0 green (even if on statistical panel 0 wasn’t the last number) – then the roulette considers you as a NEW player. Of course, this trick can be used only on Online roulettes and RNG ones; for LIVE roulette it’s not possible to detect it using this trick (our roulette software has a different solution for that).

To prove our words are not “casual” we advise making the next experiment: if you join today at roulette, play a session, and the last number is, for example, 32 red (any number excluding 0). Then, taking a pause of at least 2-3 days, and joining again at roulette, you will be able to see that the ball is on 0 green, even if the last number on the statistical panel is NOT 0.

Similar results you can get also if you take a pause of 3-5 hours or 1 day, but that time depends on roulette and casino type.


OWN Database CONFIGURATION (roulette software)

2. I have built my own database, as you suggested. I have collected more than 700 numbers, but I did it by using the “fast play” mode (otherwise it took too much time). Is that a mistake in your roulette software?

Yes, it is a mistake, but not fully, let me explain better. Each roulette, when you set for example FAST mode, will run a DIFFERENT algorithm. As result – you will get predictions based on a different algorithm (not the one used when you play in NORMAL mode).

If you want, you can still use that database, in FAST mode but you will have to play FAST mode with real money. You are not allowed to play NORMAL mode with a database collected in FAST mode. In other words, you should play your session in the SAME mode you used for collecting the database.

I remember that ALL databases of our roulette software are collected in NORMAL mode, so if you want to use any of them – you have to play NORMAL mode.

When I have to close Roulette Software and Stop playing


3. Suppose I have a 100 euros balance on my casino account. So I put on the roulette table no more than 35 euros, right (based on your 25 Secrets to WIN)? Suppose I choose to bet on single numbers only, play safe and bet 0,10 cents on 22 numbers. Based on your 4X rule (from 25 secrets to WIN), I’ve to leave the roulette table when I arrive to 8-9 euros?

Yes, you’re totally right, that is the best way to apply secrets correctly and get the best results. Of course, take into consideration that all these are “advice” we offer in the “25 secrets to WIN”; but if you think that applying your strategy you should have a different approach – you’re free to not follow them. I mean, we can’t force any of our clients to apply these rules, each of them is free to take or not them into consideration.

For example, often clients write to us that they are playing on a specific casino X. But, there is NOT always possible to SET the deposit amount (as indicated in the 25 secrets to win); so they have to deposit the FULL balance they have into account. Of course, in this case, not applying the deposit amount secret, is not a problem, even if they’re the % of winning will be 1-2% less.

Just to give an idea: for each secret, you apply, you increase your percentage of winning by about 1-5% (depending on each secret). By applying ALL 25 secrets to WIN at roulette, you can reach from 65% of winning (0 secrets) – up to 94.7% ( 25 secrets). In other words, betting on our roulette software predictor is not enough to have profit: you must also apply the secrets! (see them as rules)

IMPORTANT: RouleGENIUS published the first FREE Video COURSE on the web about how to win at roulette. It has the only purpose to help in understanding how Roulette works, and it doesn’t promote somehow the Roulette Software.


4. If I place a bet on 22 single numbers and  I have a first losing spin, do I have to stop if there occur secret 22? Does this rule/secret must be followed even when we play a lot of numbers (like 22), or is just valid when we bet on 10 max 12 numbers? And does I have to simply not bet on the next spin or do I have to leave the roulette software and stop playing at all?

Secret 22 gives you information about HOW TO DETECT if roulette has money. You should understand that roulette is nothing else than a GAME, so it has a “pocket” where is collecting money. Part of that money the roulette share between players and part of them gives to the casino itself.

To let you understand better this concept, I’ve to reveal one more secret. If you win at roulette for example 10 EUR, that 10 EUR is not an amount of money that belongs to the casino! I mean – it is NOT the casino that “pays” you 10 EUR! That amount of 10 EUR ( your winning) is actually someone else’s LOSE, the casino by itself – invest 0 eur.

That means the next fact: to have winnings at roulette you need to check if roulette has money. If there “someone else” lost some money, and you check that using the secret 22, then roulette has money. In that case, if roulette has “money into the pocket” you have to play!

About your question: secret 22 should be applied in all cases (even if you bet only 10-15 numbers). That’s because it gives an idea about how many winnings you can have during that specific session.

If from the first 2-3 spins you see that the secret 22 has been applied by the roulette – of course, you’ve to LEAVE roulette and come back later (at least 2-3 hours), it’s pointless to skip a spin and continue playing because you risk having losses.



5. Do you suggest using this variation immediately after the first losing spin, or reserve it just on the last 5th spin (after 4 negatives), since it must be 99% a winning one?

It’s up to you: you’re free to use it how you think is better. As you can see in our video tutorials, we usually use the MARTINGALE UPGRADE strategy instantly after a loss, we’re not waiting for multiple losses… Personally, after getting 2-3 losses in a row, I leave instantly the roulette, that is clear evidence that roulette has no money.

If you get losses – most probably it’s because you set the wrong configuration. In case you set the right configuration, then it means you’re applying wrongly our 25 secrets to WIN. We advise you to record your session and send it to us. In this way, we can check if you’re playing correctly and give you indications on how to fix it. More, we also accept videos to help you improve your personal strategy.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that you have to apply the 25 secrets during any session, there no matter what kind of bet you’re using. Even if you bet only on single numbers – you’ve to keep in mind the secrets and instructions about RouleGENIUS in order to increase your income.

Roulette Software | SECRET #06

6. Sometimes, you’re skipping the RouleGENIUS advice, like secret 6. Why?

Yes, it’s true, but not always we’re applying all advice given by RouleGENIUS. Take into consideration that we added that “feature” for beginners, to remember them to use the “25 secrets to WIN”. In fact, most of the advice given by RouleGENIUS makes a reference to a specific secret (like “pay attention to secret nr. ___ ).

As for secrets, you’re free to take that advice into consideration or ignore them. If you think you’re applying the secrets ( as we do during tutorials, since we already know the 25 secrets to WIN perfectly) – sometimes we don’t take into consideration the indications you can find as “advice” generated by RouleGENIUS.

Questions about showed Percentage of Winning in the Roulette Software:

Another doubt about the percentage of winning: you advise to not bet on the percentage of winning lower than 55%. How could I follow this advice if I want to bet on 10 numbers as you did in the video above and the winning percentage is always no more than 42%??


That advice actually is for outside bets (red/black, even/odd, etc). For single numbers, you’re free to set your own value that you can wait for first to make a bet.

Take into consideration that playing 10 numbers as predictions is a STRATEGY, and by applying a specific strategy – not always is possible to apply also ALL our advice, so it’s logical and normal that some of our indications can be skipped, of course not ALL of them.

Does Roulette have money?

7. On the 3rd spin, you restart to bet 0,10 cents to see if roulette has money. Is this a procedure to follow every time we got 2 losing spins in a row? It seems you don’t follow this procedure in other videos.

No, it’s not a necessary step to apply. We use it as a “trick” to find out, during the session, if roulette still has money or not. Take into consideration that you NEVER know how MUCH money roulette has in the pocket. So it can have 100 eur as well as 10 eur…

Example: Let’s suppose that roulette has 100 eur in the pocket. So if you make low bets (like 5-10 eur) on black/red, most probably you can have more winnings, at least 4-5 winnings… If you make a bet of €200-300 on color, and the roulette has into the pocket only 100 – how can it pay you? It can’t, so as a result you get a loss. The same can be applied even if you bet on 80-90% as coverage (not only red/black).


The roulette software coverage

That is why often, people get losses even if they bet 30 numbers of 37. They think by covering 30 numbers the percentage of losing is very very low, but it is not true! Because the percentage of winning/losing does NOT actually depend on the coverage, it depends ONLY if roulette has or does not have money.

That is why our strategy – betting on “10 hot predictions” – is working and we LOVE it. Every time, first of making any video tutorial, we first check if roulette has money – we don’t start casually to record a video. In conclusion, WINNING at roulette is not enough only to bet on predictions generated by RouleGENIUS. It is VERY important also to apply the “25 secrets to WIN” at roulette! That is why we can’t offer them for free, and they are included only in the highest packages we offer.

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