Roulette predictions: how many?

How many roulette predictions do you have to bet on?

RouleGENIUS roulette predictor gives into the configuration panel the option to set how many roulette predictions you want to get. What is actually the difference if you set 10 roulette predictions or set 20? Let’s have a clearer view of giving a specific example.


Suppose you’re playing roulette and you see as winning number that comes out on the roulette wheel the number 22 black. By clicking on it into the RouleGENIUS predictor – our software will start to calculate hot numbers based on a database list that coincides with your settings (NAME of roulette and PLATFORM – the 2 most important options). Let’s suppose that after studying the list, our software calculated 25 hot numbers.

1: If you LEAVE IN BLANK (empty) the “Prediction Amount” (the number of roulette predictions you’ve to get) option from the configuration panel, then the software will show you ALL 25 hot numbers that are calculated as roulette predictions.

2: If you set 10 as “Prediction Amount”, our software, will detect all hot numbers but will show only the 10 with the highest percentage of winning. So you will get the “hottest” winning numbers from all the hot numbers the software calculates.

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Win at roulette: should I play only on 10 single numbers?

If you set to get only 10 roulette predictions you will see only 10 winning predictions, not all hot numbers. If you get a loss – that doesn’t mean that the software is bad and didn’t predict the right one. That is because maybe it predicted the winning number but you set it to NOT see all hot numbers.

Conclusion: if you don’t get winning predictions it’s because you did NOT see the winning number (the amount of predictions is too low).

NOTE: Of course, setting the right number of roulette predictions is not enough for getting serious winnings at roulette. In case you don’t get profit, one of the reasons may be the fact that you use Fun money or fast mode, instead of real money and normal mode. Details about: NORMAL and REAL MONEY SESSION

That’s why, if you have NO experience using RouleGENIUS and you don’t have access to our 25 secrets to WIN – we don’t advise setting a fixed number of predictions but to leave that option from the settings panel in BLANK (empty) in order to be able to see ALL hot numbers.


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