#2 Roulette Predictions amount | Configuration

#2 Roulette Predictions Amount into the configuration panel

RouleGENIUS roulette software is considered the most powerful software on the web because it NOT ONLY gives winnings roulette predictions but can detect which of them has a higher percentage of winning!

This feature can be checked out using the option Roulette Predictions AMOUNT from the configuration panel. Please observe that the same option is available for both types of configuration: own database and also RouleGENIUS database.

How does it work? Easier than you think: let’s configure the software first. Suppose we are playing Advanced Roulette created by Bet Soft Platform. It is a single 0 roulette. If you save the configuration and leave that prediction amount option in the blank – the software will calculate and will show you all hot numbers that came usually out after 17 black.

As you can see there are a couple of hot numbers, usually about 20-25 hot numbers. All of these 25 numbers are hot numbers, but NOT all of them have the same percentage of winning. So to see the one with the highest percentage of winning let’s set to the configuration panel the prediction amount.


Example of Roulette Predictions

Let’s suppose that you want to see the 10 predictions with the highest percentage of winning, so type 10 and save the configuration. By tying again one of the previous numbers, for example, 17 black, I got only 10 predictions, the hottest predictions.

If we type 5 red, we will not get as previously about 20 predictions, but we will get the 10 hottest predictions from that 20. If we set, for example, to get 15 numbers, and save the configuration, by clicking again on 17 black, we will receive the 15 hottest predictions.

Just to prove that these numbers are the hottest one, by trying to increase the value from 15 to 18 predictions, and clicking again on 17 black, you can see that there has been added 3 more predictions, but the other one rest the same, because that are hottest predictions. Amazing isn’t it?


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